Ep. 281 The Power of Alpha GPC: Boosting Cognitive Health and Performance with Scott Emmens

I am thrilled to announce a monumental milestone in our podcast journey! At the time of this recording, our latest podcast reached an astounding 4 million downloads! With continued support and enthusiasm from our dedicated listeners, we hope to surpass 6 million downloads by the end of this year!
Today, I am delighted to dive into an intriguing topic as we explore the latest collaboration between MD Logic Health and myself. Joining me on the podcast is Scott Emmons, the esteemed COO of MD Logic Health and a fellow health entrepreneur.
For this episode, our focus centers on Alpha GPC, a groundbreaking cobranded supplement that will redefine the landscape of brain health, exercise performance, and neuroprotection. This remarkable supplement will captivate your attention as we explore its multifaceted benefits and synergistic mechanisms alongside creatine monohydrate. Acting as a precursor to acetylcholine, Alpha GPC plays a pivotal role in cognition, learning, memory, and attention, with the ability to traverse the formidable blood-brain barrier.
Brace yourself for an in-depth discussion on the cutting-edge research surrounding these mechanisms and their profound implications. Mark your calendar, as Alpha GPC will be launched in July 2023, accompanied by exclusive pre-sale incentives you will not want to miss!

Bonus Ep.244 The Metabolic Effects of Creatine Monohydrate: Its Evidence of Efficacy for Muscle & Brain Health with Scott Emmens and Kara Lazauskas

I am delighted to have Scott Emmens and Kara Lazauskas joining me on the podcast today! Scott is the President of MD Logic, and Kara is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a graduate degree in Molecular Muscle Exercise Physiology and a background in Sports Medicine.

Scott’s fascination with fitness began when he was sixteen. He had asthma, and it confused him to see kids more out of shape than he was performing better than him. So he started working out. When he went to college, he developed an obsession with how the human body worked and became an amateur bodybuilder.

Kara is a total badass! Even though she lost her left lung to a benign tumor when she was just three-and-a-half years old, she became a Titan Games competitor. She is also an MMA fighter.

In this episode, Kara, Scott, and I dive into supplements in the sports and performance fields, the rigors of the FDA GMP (Good Manufacturing Process), and the need for quality supplementation. We discuss the value of Creatine Monohydrate, its benefits, some common misconceptions, and age-related changes that impact metabolic health. We discuss how brain metabolism can be supported with Creatine, gender-related differences, how estrogen influences Creatine, and how Creatine can be helpful in reducing the risk of depression and influencing BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor). We also get into the unmatched safety and security standards of MD Logic, my reasons for aligning with them in creating Creatine Monohydrate, and some upcoming discounts for Creatine and melatonin during the holidays.

Ep. 261 Myo-Inositol: Why Supplementation is so Beneficial for Our Health

I have the honor of reconnecting with Scott Emmens today! Scott is the COO of MD Logic and a fellow health entrepreneur.
Scott and I dive into Myo-inositol, one of my latest and favorite supplements! We explain what it is, its mechanism of action, and how it impacts the blood-brain barrier.

We discuss its clinical considerations, relevant research regarding metabolic health, sleep, sleep architecture, and how we supplement ourselves. We also get into how we create Myo-inositol in our bodies, factors that could deplete endogenous Myo-inositol, and why supplementation can be beneficial.

Ep. 273 Optimizing Mental Health with Myo-Inositol: Evidence-Based Strategies

I’m delighted to have Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge back on the show again! She was with me before in Episode 174.

Dr. Roseann is an incredible pediatric mental health expert who utilizes traditional and non-traditional modalities for her patient population. She joins me today to discuss the role of Myo-inositol from a mood and mental health perspective.

We dive into what Myo-inositol does in the body, what depletes it, and how the gut and the brain connect with the vagus nerve. We talk about the mental health benefits of Myo-inositol and how it impacts mood disorders- specifically eating disorders and binge eating, as well as obsessive-compulsive disorder, stress and anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. We also get into Dr. Roseann’s unique ways of calming the autonomic nervous system and brain inflammation, the current medical model and its limitations, and the impact of trauma.

I sincerely hope you enjoy listening to today’s interesting and informative conversation with Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge!

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Creatine Education Explore what Creatine can do for you. A vital compound for energy in muscles and brain. Learn about deficiency symptoms, supplement benefits and more! Creatine Education Explore what Creatine can do for you. A vital compound for energy in muscles and brain. Learn about deficiency symptoms, supplement benefits and more! What is Creatine? … Read more