Ep. 171 How Was Jimmy Moore Able To Make The Biggest Transformation? The Pivots That Helped Him Reach His Goals with Jimmy Moore

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I am delighted to welcome the notorious Jimmy Moore as my guest for today’s show! Jimmy is a bestselling author, a writer, and the host of the Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb (LLVLC) Show.
Jimmy has had an impact on the trajectory of my learning journey. I initially connected with him around intermittent fasting when I read a book he co-authored with Dr. Jason Fung called The Complete Guide to Fasting. I later read his books, Keto Clarity and Cholesterol Clarity, both of which I highly recommend!
Jimmy has been around for quite some time. He was very productive with creating podcasts at a time when there were very few people doing that in the keto space. In this episode, Jimmy and I have a frank and transparent conversation about childhood influences, how he pivoted from being an English Poly/Psy major to learning about the ketogenic lifestyle and the Atkins Diet, and later becoming an author. Stay tuned to hear our thought-provoking discussion!

How trauma molded Jimmy into who he is today.

Jimmy shares his education and career journey.

What prompted Jimmy to start learning about nutrition?

How Jimmy got to the point of writing books and how he got onto the publisher’s radar after writing them.

Finding a balance between sharing ‘nerdy’ information and making things easy for everyone to understand.

The truth about LDL and some of the more common misconceptions about cholesterol.

Some of the common keto mistakes people tend to make.

Why some of the narratives on social media are changing.

The benefits of using a CGM.

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