Ep. 371 Say It Now: Embracing Authenticity with Walter Green

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I am sincerely honored to connect with Walter Green today. 

Walter served as the Board Chairman and CEO of Harrison Conference Services for 25 years and played a significant role in the Young Presidents Organisation. Since selling his company, he has dedicated himself to supporting various nonprofits, focusing on education and health for the underserved. 

Walter’s work is powerfully inspiring. I initially heard him on one of Peter Attia’s podcasts, which moved me so profoundly that I shared it with anyone willing to listen. In our conversation today, Walter shares his background and we discuss how I took purposeful action after hearing him talk on the podcast. We dive into gender socialization and emotional expression, the value of authenticity and integrity, the concept of saying it now, and the importance of intentionality and boundaries. We also discuss crucial elements of making meaningful connections, cultivating deep, authentic friendships, and transforming our lives to become agents of change. 

Having this conversation with Walter was invaluable for me, and I have no doubt you will also love it.

“People who have impacted your life are totally unaware of the impact they had. So you are carrying this gift with you, and if you do not express it, they will never know.”

– Walter Green


  • Reflecting on his 60 years of marriage, Walter highlights the importance of deep passion and respect in enduring relationships.
  • Walter offers his perspective on authenticity and openness in relationships, emphasizing the importance of being true to yourself.
  • How Walter values authenticity in his relationships and finds it hard to be open and vulnerable with those who are not candid and authentic  
  • How Walter’s career in finance influenced his relationships
  • Walter talks about gratitude and shares how at the age of 71, he shared stories with people he loved on Zoom, inspiring the Say It Now movement.
  • Walter shares his journey of intentional living, explaining the importance of thinking backward and aligning your actions with your ideal outcomes.
  • Why it is essential to consider the context of every decision you make in all aspects of life
  • The importance of finding your purpose and living in the present  
  • The benefits of developing deep and long-lasting relationships
  • How to identify those who have made a difference in your life
  • Walter discusses love languages, sharing the importance of understanding how others prefer to receive love and affection

Bio: Walter Green

Walter Green’s father died when he was a teenager and it left an indelible impression on him that life is short, precious, and unpredictable. This profound loss magnified his profound appreciation to those who had impacted his life. It also led to his journey of expressing gratitude which was captured In his first book, This Is the Moment..How One Man’s Yearlong Journey Captured the Power of Extraordinary Gratitude. 

Walter was Chairman of the Board and CEO of Harrison Conference Services for 25 years, which became the leading conference center management company in the U.S. He had been active for years in the Young Presidents Organization and remains a member of the Chief Executive’s Organization. 

Since selling his company, he has devoted himself to supporting various nonprofits, primarily in San Diego. with a focus on education and health for the underserved. Walter has also been very active in mentoring young adults. 

He has been an active supporter of Craig and Marc Kielburger, founders of the Free the Children Organization. Walter and his wife also funded WE College’s School of Hospitality and Tourism which is the first “needs blind” college in Kenya. 

Walter lives with his wife, Lola, in San Diego, California.

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