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Honoring your inner goddess really relates to self-care. We all have that woman inside of us who is confident, sexy, secure, and vibrant.

But, what tends to happen as life goes on, is we chip away at the goddess and start givng those little pieces to others. Stay late at work, chip. Skip lunch, chip. Drive kids to practice, chip, chip. Say yes to a project you don’t want to do, chip. Just keep chipping away until there’s nothing left to give. Least of all, to ourselves.

When it comes to Inner Goddesses, mine was completely lost four years ago. That’s when I started stumbling down the rabbit hole of health issues I found myself in. I’ve written and talked about it before, but when I was working as an NP and suggesting to my patients that they take care of themselves, I was the proverbial pot calling the kettle black.

We had put our house on the market, purchased a new one, I was still working as an NP for a large cardiology practice, I was enrolled as a functional nutrition student, trying to launch a business, and trying care for my two young children and husband. Additionally, I was participating in intense exercise and getting very little sleep. Retrospectively, it really created the proverbial “perfect storm” of stress on my body that likely contributed to developing leaky gut again in the setting of a parasitic infection, lots of food sensitivities and not to mention significant adrenal and thyroid health issues.

Please learn from me and do not go down that path.

Today, I am proud to report I successfully reversed all of that and made self-care a major priority and neccessity in my life. Luckily, my inner goddess came back. Inner Goddess to me is a phrase that focusses on re-connecting to our happy, healthy, fulfilled selves

The best part is, I think our goddesses only get better with age. Here’s why: when we experience challenges, hardships and struggles and fight to come through the other side, we develop a self-confidence and courage that says, “If I can get through that, I sure can get through this. Matter of fact, I’m going to handle it while feeling and looking great too.”

I think that’s why I have been able to pull through my current health scare and claim the TEDx stage for the second time, just 30 days after being hospitalized and being told I was lucky to be alive.

So what can we do to find our inner goddesses? My answer involves nourishing our souls. Loving ourselves enough to advocate for our health. Connecting with nature and our environment and honoring our needs.

This isn’t selfish. This is vital, necessary and profoundly important.

At this stage in my life, I have to prioritize taking care of ME to take care of those I love most. You can read my self-care routine I shared. <<READ HERE>>

You can also join my Brand New program “Find Your Inner Goddess.” This was created in response to consumer demand! Ladies often ask what I eat, how I exercise, how they can lose weight, and I have finally put together a fun 21 day program to reduce inflammation and claim our inner goddesses again.

Inside the group you will participate daily. It’s 21 short days together to kick our harmful food patterns to the curb, adopt a self-care routine and engage in restorative exercise. When following the program you should lose weight. We anticipate most will see a reduction in belly fat because of the reduction in inflammation we will be actively addressing. I want as many women in this group as can do it.

Let’s find our inner goddesses together, I dare you!

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