You know something is off… Your body isn’t reacting in the ways it used to… You have weight gain, lack of energy and maybe some additional concerns like hair loss, bloating, or trouble sleeping.

You’ve been to your physician and maybe they aren’t solving any of your valid worries. Or maybe, you’ve been told that “this is life now as you get older.” (which is complete B.S.)

You might have seen my one-on-one 6 month package, and you’ve been intrigued as to what it would be like to work with me in a close relationship.

I created the Hormone Reset Focus Group for women exactly like you.

I am only taking FIVE women in this focused program.

The Hormone Reset Focus Group includes:

  • 3 one hour video chat sessions with me within our private group

  • My two eBooks, Primal Eating & Balance & Thrive Healthy Hormones

  • Your enrollment in: Find Your Inner Goddess (my newest group program that has quickly become a favorite amongst my clients)

  • The Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ) with personalized recommendations based on your responses

  • Analysis of a 5 day Food Diary

  • *TESTING with interpreted results: options include the MRT (food sensitivity blood test), GI-MAP (stool test), DUTCH (hormone test) *client assumes cost of tests*

  • Supplement Recommendations

  • Nutrition Advice

  • Private Group specifically for my Hormone Reset ladies where we can discuss together varying health topics

This Hormone Reset Focus Group is NOT for women who truly need my undivided attention on their health for an extended period of time. In those cases I will not accept you into this program but will recommend you to my six month program. Some of you will require a more comprehensive program, in those instances I will recommend to you my 1:1 package. This is in no way a judgment, I have been there myself!

Investment: $1,495

Participants are ONLY accepted by FIRST scheduling a Discovery Call. Please add yourself to my schedule and answer all prompts to the best of your ability.

Yours in health,


*Testing mentioned above is outside of the program registration cost. Each test will be paid for individually by the participant. Tests vary in price which is determined by the provider.

*Program duration will be 6 weeks. Expectation is that clients will perform the GI Map and MRT within a week of receiving test kits. The DUTCH is dependent on days 19-22 of their menstrual cycle or if you are menopausal it can be performed at any time.