Kind Words

These testimonials are living proof of exactly why I transformed my life's work from a place of traditional medicine to that of holistic healing.  Helping others live their best lives brings me the greatest JOY!

I took advantage of the Wholistic Blueprint program that Cynthia put together. I was super impressed with all the detailed post she placed on her online resource and her extended knowledge. She makes you feel comfortable if you want to take on small task or go full out with the program. I didn’t feel judged and left the program with a lot more knowledge that I thought possible. Cynthia is an amazing person and I’m thrilled that I chose to participate in this program. Don’t sit on the fence...jump over to a healthier you with Cynthia! You’ll be glad you did.
— Christy J.
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Cynthia Thurlow keeps it real, honest and understandable. Her approach is one of true compassion and extensive knowledge. Cynthia’s resources are very rich in content and she also helps you to understand the why’s behind each recommendation. I believe she is extremely gifted in understanding the more complex issues that so many Dr’s just simply don’t have the time or desire to treat. Can’t recommend Cynthia enough!
— Bekah
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Cynthia is truly a life changer. She is so patient and really listens to her clients needs in order develop personal and realistic solutions. Thank you, Cynthia!
— Sheri T.

Don't just take their word for it.... If you can relate to any of the above, please read more about how we can work together.  You do not need to feel like you are barely surviving... we all deserve to thrive!