Cynthia's Podcast

Episode 41: The Latest and Greatest from Us!

In this episode, we share details about our programs. Cynthia’s newest offering is Wholistic Abundance which is a membership community that offers a monthly blueprint for hormonal health. Learn more here: Kelly’s current offering is the Health Gains Weight Loss Program. It is a 6-week online educational and coaching program designed to help participants improve their health and lose weight. Learn more here:

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Episode 38: True Connection: Taking Time to Truly Listen

In this Episode Daniel Levin talks to us about the power and experience of connection and deep, present listening in our lives. His book, The Mosaic, is a beautiful story about his experience in true connection. Check out his website here: and his book here:

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Episode 37: Finding Balance in Acupuncture and Infertility

In this episode, we are joined by Ali Damron who talks about using acupuncture to optimize fertility and reproductive health. Ali’s goal as a health consultation specialist and acupuncturist is to help women navigate their health in a natural way. You can find more information about Ali at her website:

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