Ep. 377 Unlocking the Benefits of Essential Amino Acids for Muscle Health with Angelo Keely

I am delighted to connect with Angelo Keely today, the Co-founder and CEO of Kion.
Angelo started Kion in 2017, aspiring to create an unparalleled and healthy work culture within a high-growth consumer products company dedicated to motivating their customers to continue along their journeys to personal health.
In our conversation, we explore the advantages of essential amino acids (EAAs), their role in muscle function, how they differ from branched-chain amino acids, and their impact on metabolic processes. We explain the importance of sourcing around essential amino acids, address concerns related to muscle loss, caloric restriction, and fasting, and discuss how EAAs support overall muscle health. Angelo also shares his insights on caffeine, creatine, omega-3s, stress management, and sleep.
Stay tuned for today’s informative and engaging conversation with Angelo Keely.