Ep. 374 Understanding Visceral Fat and Its Impact on Health with Dr. Sean O’Mara

Today, I am honored to connect with Dr. Sean O’Mara, the leading global health and performance-optimizing physician.

Dr. O’Mara is a former ER physician and attorney. He works with business executives, professional performers, and athletes, and he has also had the chance to collaborate with multiple United States presidents, Secretaries of State, senior government officials, and high-level foreign dignitaries.

In our discussion today, we address the dangers of visceral fat and the general lack of awareness of it, particularly among healthcare professionals. We cover various types of fat, the influence of Big Pharma, and the impact of menopause on disease susceptibility. We dive into health optimization, sarcopenia, sarcopenic obesity, frailty, adiponectin, and MRIs for assessing visceral fat, and Dr. O’Mara offers valuable insights on muscle tissue differences, lifestyle factors, epigenetics, and the most effective exercises, discussing his advocacy for intermittent fasting, the importance of clinical labs, and the specific supplements for managing visceral fat. He also shares his thoughts on alcohol and caffeine.

This engaging and informative episode with Dr. Sean O’Mara features numerous slides and MRI images. So, I recommended viewing it on YouTube.