Ep. 369 Regenerative Agriculture for Enhanced Nutrition with Farmer Lee Jones

Today, I am thrilled to connect with Farmer Lee Jones, who oversees The Chef’s Garden, a family-owned regenerative farm dedicated to cultivating the most flavorful and nutrient-rich vegetables, herbs, and microgreens.
With a legacy of over three decades, The Chef’s Garden has been the go-to supplier for some of the finest chefs and restaurants worldwide.
Join us as we dive deep into the differences between regenerative agriculture and traditional industrial farming, looking at the importance of flavor-focused cultivation, the limitations of USDA guidelines in determining mineral efficacy, how the pandemic affected the operations of the Chef’s Garden, the rising trends of seasonal eating in the vegetable industry, and the differences between hybrid and GMO products.
Get ready for an enlightening conversation with Farmer Lee Jones, whose infectious enthusiasm for sustainable farming practices is bound to leave you inspired.