Ep. 376 Practical Solutions to Manage Perimenopause and Menopause Symptoms with Dr. Mary Claire Haver

Today, I am thrilled to reconnect with a previous guest, Dr. Mary Claire Haver.
Dr. Haver is a board-certified OBGYN, a certified menopause provider, and the founder of Mary Claire Wellness, a private medical practice focusing on women in midlife. Her best-selling book, the Galveston Diet, and her latest New York Times best-seller, The New Menopause, are fabulous resources for middle-aged women.
In our discussion today, we dive into various aspects of perimenopause, looking at the associated challenges. We discuss factors accelerating ovarian aging, the role of contraception, mental health shifts, and the often delayed diagnosis of premature ovarian insufficiency. We examine the differences between hormone replacement therapy and oral contraceptives, discussing the importance of advocacy for women’s health and the benefits of vaginal estrogen. We explore the disparity in federal funding for women’s health research, the impact of the Women’s Health Initiative, body composition changes, the estrabolome, the 30 Plant Challenge, and the advantages of HRT. Dr. Haver also talks about her preferred supplements.
I’m sure you will find this conversation a valuable resource that you will likely revisit several times.