Thank you for last night’s webinar “5 Weight Loss Myths Debunked.” I appreciate you sharing what you know with those of us who WANT to know.

Between you, Dr Jason Fung, Dr Ben Bickman, Dr Matthew Walker (sleep), Eckhart Tolle (presence) and “That Sugar Film”, my husband and I have transformed our lives, starting January 2021.

I’m guessing you hear from many people singing your praises. I just want you to know there is one more person singing, and that is me.

Thank you for giving me hope that this stage of my life is not a sentence to being overweight, under-energized and prone to major illness as my parents and extended family have experienced. 

Thank you for giving me hope that I may even reverse my signs of aging due to alcohol, decades of sun-loving days, poor habitual eating (Lays potato chips, puffed cheetos, LOTS of seed oils) and multiple sources of major stressors.

I already feel better and look better than I ever thought I could at 52 because of the adoption of intermittent fasting, LCHF (basically KETO), lowered alcohol intake and solid sleep.

In terms of your interviews/podcasts I like your style of relating to others. You give colleagues space to express themselves and you’re empathetic to their values and experience.

If we were neighbors we would be friends; I suspect we have similar sensibilities.

My sons have heard me quote you many times, in addition to those other folks named above.

I hope you get this message because I want you to know just how much you have made a positive impact in my life. 

Thank you (and your family) for sharing your time, talents and energy.


Bridgid Mendehall