Goodmorning Cynthia!  My name is Linda Ceneri, I am a 54 year old mother of three boys from New Jersey.  I am a healthy woman, always interested in working out and staying on a somewhat healthy eating regimen.  Over the past 3 years I have felt many changes which I did not particularly like; weight gain, joint pain, gut issues.  I was diagnosed with IBS/leaky gut in 2021 and went on a strict  FODMAP diet.  I felt better but I was not 100% myself.  I went to my annual OB/GYN appointment, expressed my concerns about weight gain, loss of strength and uncomfortable joints.  She suggested the South Beach diet which I was considering.   That same day I listened to your podcast episode 216 with Dr. Doni Wilson and something in that podcast spoke to me.  I ordered your book that day from Amazon and read it over the next few days, I meal prepped and started my journey on July 4.  The first three days were awful, so bad that by day 3 I went to bed, pulled the covers over my head and slept it off.  I had headaches which were debilitating, cravings and hunger.  By day 5 I was fine.  I’m here on day 20 (almost halfway!  yay!) and I am a different person!!!  I have little to no joint pain, I am stronger in the gym everyday, my skin feels tighter, and I lost about 8 pounds!! The intermittent fasting is hard, nighttime is my worst!!  But everyday I am more proud of myself for putting my health first!  If I could, I would be a rep for your program!  I am friends with so many women of my age who are going through this and are blaming menopause, thinking the next chapter is going to just get worse.  Thank you so much for imparting your wisdom to the world!  I am so happy that I found you and decided to take this journey!!