When Cynthia came to me with the opportunity to be an IF:45 coach, I couldn’t say no. I feel like every woman should know all about it and what an amazing tool it can be. 

The certification is very detailed about everything that is involved with intermittent fasting. It goes into great detail about the basics as well as the science behind it. I love learning all I can about something I teach and I feel all the information provided is so valuable and necessary.

I can now add the IF:45 program to my current business. The program is already created for you so you do not need to spend the extra time creating your own. One of my favorite aspects of teaching in a group setting is that you’re able to help more women and the support and encouragement is like no other. This experience has been great and I’ve grown as an entrepreneur because of it. There’s so much support and I’m so grateful for Cynthia and her team!

Thank you Cynthia, for all of your knowledge and love for helping women navigate their health!