10 Ways to Feel Better Fast

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We are heading into a special season that no one wants to talk about…. germ season. That’s right, extra special germs seem to have an extra potent season. They like to appear right after your kids go back to school and they don’t seem to leave us until after the weather changes again.

Whether you get exposed to more germs through enclosed quarters, kiddos at school, travel, hospital visits, or relatives who share too much, you are going to want relief from the common cold quickly. Instead of turning to OTC drugs, why not try a few natural remedies that actually work?

Here are my top 10 Ways to Feel Better Fast

  1. GINGER: ginger is a natural way to support your body. Not only is it a natural anti-inflammatory, but ginger extract can help prohibit the growth of bacteria. This is a great option to have in your tool kit. You can grate some and incorporate it into your cooked meals, or you can try it in tea form. I use this and love it <CLICK HERE>
  2. GARLIC: Who doesn’t love garlic? It’s a delicious add to any dinner and has health benefits as well. Garlic is very potent as an anti-bacterial and anti-viral. one to two cloves a day works as a serving size to be incorporated into your foods.
  3. TURMERIC: This golden plant is fantastic in a turmeric latte or even sprinkled on top of your dinner or salad. It is widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties which is exactly what your body needs during a cold.
  4. BONE BROTH: Have you heard the expression, “Good health starts in the gut”? Well, it’s true. When you consume bone broth you receive nourishing micronutrients that help the gut and help your immune system. Look for high quality, organic, non-GMO bone broth in the refrigerated section of your grocery store, or make your own.
  5. Vitamin D3: This vitamin not only helps with calcium absorption, it also is a powerful anti-inflammatory. When it comes to supplemental vitamins, please remember that quality and sourcing are everything. The vitamin company should be very transparent about the quality of their product.
  6. Vitamin C: The great thing about vitamin C is that we can get this into our diet simply by ingesting the appropriate foods. Many people immediately think of orange juice when they think vitamin C, however, there are other options. Kiwi, Bell Peppers and Strawberries actually have more vitamin C than oranges. Try expanding your options next time you want to get vitamin C.
  7. ZINC: When you start to feel a cold coming on take zinc right away. The sooner you can get this nutrient into your body, the better you will feel. Make sure you purchase your vitamins from a reputable source.
  8. REISHI or CORDYCEPS MUSHROOMS: There are some incredible mushroom products on the market these days. Try a powder that can be added to your tea or coffee, or take it in capsule form. Here is one of my favorite products from MOON JUICE <<CLICK HERE>>
  9. ECHINACEA: This purple flower has been used throughout time as a natural immunity booster. Echinacea has the incredible ability to stop a cold in its tracks. Echinacea is safe for most people and a great supplement to have on hand. I particularly love a special tincture that has Pachamama CBD, Green tea and echinacea. Check it out <<HERE>> *use code FRIEND15 and save 20%
  10. SLEEP/RESTORATIVE MOVEMENT: Please set yourself up for quality sleep and cut back on the gym time if you feel a cold coming on. Rest is essential for recovery. Deep sleep is your body’s time to get to work and heal. If you are feeling well enough, some yoga at home or a long walk while listening to your favorite podcast can really help your body. It’s ok to take a break from your typical strenuous activities. Allowing your body to heal might be the most important item on this list!

These are my 10 Ways to Feel Better Fast! What do you think? Are you ready to step away from some of the typical OTC treatments and try a more natural approach?

I hope that you do.

Even incorporating a few of these options can help your body get better and recover quicker.

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