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Ep. 371 Say It Now: Embracing Authenticity with Walter Green

I am sincerely honored to connect with Walter Green today.
Walter served as the Board Chairman and CEO of Harrison Conference Services for 25 years and played a significant role in the Young Presidents Organisation. Since selling his company, he has dedicated himself to supporting various nonprofits, focusing on education and health for the underserved.
Walter’s work is powerfully inspiring. I initially heard him on one of Peter Attia’s podcasts, which moved me so profoundly that I shared it with anyone willing to listen. In our conversation today, Walter shares his background and we discuss how I took purposeful action after hearing him talk on the podcast. We dive into gender socialization and emotional expression, the value of authenticity and integrity, the concept of saying it now, and the importance of intentionality and boundaries. We also discuss crucial elements of making meaningful connections, cultivating deep, authentic friendships, and transforming our lives to become agents of change.
Having this conversation with Walter was invaluable for me, and I have no doubt you will also love it.

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Ep. 370 Strategies to Navigate Perimenopause into Menopause with Dr. Mariza Snyder

Today, I am delighted to connect with my dear friend, Dr. Mariza Snyder. Dr. Snyder is a best-selling author, dedicated wife, and wellness advocate passionately committed to empowering women through lifestyle changes, whole food nutrition, essential oils, and other health practices.
In our discussion today, we dive into the perimenopausal journey, looking at the warning signs and ways to rediscover ourselves. We explore the impact of lifestyle choices and the importance of understanding cravings in middle age, offering practical strategies for navigating perimenopause and menopause. We get into the benefits of continuous glucose monitors and glucometers, the critical role of fiber and fermented foods, and the supplements Dr. Snyder recommends for optimal brain health. We also address gut health and the misconception that constipation is normal.
I am confident you will find my conversation with Dr. Snyder as enlightening and enjoyable as I did.

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Ep. 369 Regenerative Agriculture for Enhanced Nutrition with Farmer Lee Jones

Today, I am thrilled to connect with Farmer Lee Jones, who oversees The Chef’s Garden, a family-owned regenerative farm dedicated to cultivating the most flavorful and nutrient-rich vegetables, herbs, and microgreens.
With a legacy of over three decades, The Chef’s Garden has been the go-to supplier for some of the finest chefs and restaurants worldwide.
Join us as we dive deep into the differences between regenerative agriculture and traditional industrial farming, looking at the importance of flavor-focused cultivation, the limitations of USDA guidelines in determining mineral efficacy, how the pandemic affected the operations of the Chef’s Garden, the rising trends of seasonal eating in the vegetable industry, and the differences between hybrid and GMO products.
Get ready for an enlightening conversation with Farmer Lee Jones, whose infectious enthusiasm for sustainable farming practices is bound to leave you inspired.

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Ep. 368 Lipid Masterclass: Exploring Insulin Resistance, Statins, and Alternatives with Dr. Thomas Dayspring

I am thrilled to present the last class of our Lipid Masterclass series today with the esteemed Dr. Thomas Dayspring. Dr. Dayspring is board-certified in internal medicine and clinical lipidology and is a fellow of the American College of Physicians and the National Lipid Association.
Today, we round things out by diving into medications for lipid abnormalities and discussing lipid physiology, with Dr. Dayspring shedding light on insulin resistance and statins and cautioning against statin use for those predisposed to diabetes or insulin resistance. He also explains why LDL particle size is not worth testing and discusses ways to identify specific laboratory abnormalities.
Be sure to stay tuned for the AMA session to follow, where Dr. Dayspring will answer listeners’ questions.
It has been a privilege engaging with Dr. Dayspring throughout this masterclass series. I know you will have learned a lot from it!

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Ep. 367 The Metabolic Health Crisis & GLP-1s with Dr. Anurag Singh

I am delighted to reconnect with Dr. Anurag Singh today, the Chief Medical Officer at Timeline Nutrition. He joined me once before on Episode 268.
I invited Dr. Singh back to discuss the latest research on GLP-1 agonists like Wegovy, Semaglutide, and Ozempic, which are gaining significant traction with projected sales exceeding $100 billion by 2030, potentially affecting 9% of the US population.
In our conversation, we explore the contributors to our metabolic health crisis by looking at the research surrounding GLP-1 agonists, the physiology of GLP-1 peptides, and the influencing elements Dr. Singh refers to as the trifecta. We dive into the loss of muscle mass and strength, sarcopenia, and frailty associated with these drugs, and Dr. Singh shares his concerns about their impact on bone health, the gut microbiome, and their use in younger patients. We also get into lifestyle measures, mitochondrial health, hallmarks of aging, Akkermansia, and the importance of advocacy and patient empowerment.
Today’s compelling and invaluable discussion with Dr. Anurag Singh highlights crucial insights into GLP-1 agonists and their broader health implications. I know it will provide significant value for our listeners.

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Ep. 366 Magnesium Masterclass: Unveiling Its Role in Metabolic Function with Dr. Carolyn Dean

I am honored to have Dr. Carolyn Dean joining me today.

Dr. Dean is a medical doctor, naturopath, and best-selling author. She has dedicated more than 50 years to integrating the science of medicine with the gifts of nature to help her patients feel better, boost their energy, and take control of their health.

Today, our conversation centers on the Flexner Report and its influence on modern medicine and the essential role of magnesium in over 80% of metabolic functions. We dive into why we are so magnesium-depleted and common disorders associated with low magnesium levels, and we explore the effects of magnesium on bone health and the microbiome and the synergistic properties of various forms of magnesium and other micronutrients.

I am confident you will find today’s discussion with Dr. Carolyn Dean as enjoyable as it is enlightening.

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