2020 Holiday Gift Guide

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2020 has brought us an unprecedented year. We have experienced everything from lockdowns, distance learning, social unrest, political upheaval and so much more. My kids have been home with me while I work from home since early March. My major role as a public speaker and spokesperson came to an abrupt halt and Team Cynthia found ourselves scrambling to shift the business focus as quickly as possible.

What hasn’t changed? My dedication, now more than ever, to empower women to be educated advocates for their health; to bring you the best from thought-leaders around the globe and to continue educating about intermittent fasting and its multitude of benefits.

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Beauand Skincare

Beauand Skincare

These products are all-natural, from a small, woman-owned business near me in VA, and make my face feel clean, refreshed, and youthful.  These products are loaded with botanical extracts, herbs, oils, hydrosols, ferments, and cannabinoids which increase the therapeutic benefit in each product.  They come in glass bottles, have a neutral scent, and are packaged in darling eco-friendly recyclable packaging. 

Primally Pure:

Primally Pure has figured out a way to create the most luxurious body cream and my skin is screaming, THANK YOU!  The subtle natural scent of citrus and mint and not overpowering at all.  I use this after a shower and my skin soaks it up!

Food & Drink

Hu Chocolate:

I would be remiss to not include the most amazing chocolate company to ever exist!  I can talk about this fabulous chocolate company all day long, they are such a favorite of mine.  Hu Chocolate is gluten/dairy free, paleo/keto friendly and uses coconut sugar to sweeten their products.  Hu’s ingredient list is short and on point!  My favorite bars are the salty dark and crunchy mint.


Square Feet Specialty Coffee:

I have to admit, I am not much of a coffee drinker, but my son recently started drinking coffee and this local small business stole his heart. The owner, Dave, is remarkably knowledgeable about all things coffee and will help you find your perfect brew. He has gifted my followers with a discount making each pound bag of coffee less than $15! No code required.


LuLuLemon Align Tight:

These pants are on my list every year because I love them. These leggings are light, soft, and they don’t restrict my workouts. I love that they are high waisted and they come in both 7/8 and cropped length, which is perfect for this 5’3″ girl!

Social Threads Tie Dye Joggers:

The year of 2020 has been all about loungewear. If you need a break from leggings, these joggers are adorable, fit great, and best of all, they are stylish! I don’t feel like I am dressing down when wearing them.

Birkenstocks: Boston

These birks are my favorite to kick around in the house. I always was on the hunt for the perfect shoe to wear in the house and most popular slippers didn’t cut it for me. These are comfortable and overtime mold to your foot bed. I like wearing fuzzy socks with them in the winter and they keep my feet nice and toasty.



Solid Core is 50 minutes of slow Pilates -based resistance training, which is effective to help create lean muscle tone. This is the perfect workout for me to change up my routine from weight lifting and I try to participate in a solidcore class 1-2 times a week. Sometimes I get lucky and the hubs joins me too. Please don’t be fooled, these classes are tough in the best way possible.


I love anything that will optimize metabolic flexibility! I just started using the Lumen with amazing results. It gives me a nutritional chart every day with the amount of macros I need to guarantee my body is in a state of fat burn. I use my Lumen upon waking, before/after working out and after meals, and each day is tracked. I love being able to biohack my health and wellness!

code: cynthia30 for an additional $30 off


There are many percussion massage devices on the market, but IMHO, this one ranks high above the rest.  This product is more than just reducing inflammation.  It has multiple heads, easy to use, and reduces recovery time.  I really like this company and what they stand for.  My whole family uses this device, even the teens. I have noticed a reduction in recovery time after workouts.

code: CYNTHIA for additional 20% off the XLR8 model

Home Goods

Food 52:

We are in the process of moving and building a new house.  I’m loving the ability to pick out new things for the new house and this website has everything kitchen, from utensils and bakeware to barware and pantry items.  The Farm  to Table bloody mary mixes would make the perfect gift for a brunch date and the pickle of the month club seems like such a fun idea!

Nordstrom Bliss Oversize Throw:

This is the softest, cuddliest throw ever created!  These throws come in a variety of different colors, are great to throw on your sofa, bed, or blanket basket, and make the best gifts.  We have them all over the house and I keep having to buy more because we fight over who gets it during movie night. 

I would love to hear what you think of list! We have every price range covered and hopefully something for even the hard to shop for. We hope your holiday season shapes up to be a beautiful one.

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