Does This Break My Fast?

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Intermittent fasting is one of my favorite tools to use to increase fat loss, increase cellular turn-over, maintain a health body-weight, promote proper nutrient absorption and so much more. I gave a full practical guide on intermittent fasting in this blog post. However, once you start intermittent fasting a popular question arises.

Does This Break My Fast?

My friends, the answer depends on a multitude of factors but for simplicty’s sake my recommendation is: if it creates an insulin response, it breaks your fast.

Let’s Dive a Bit Deeper

What can you consume if you are trying to obtain a 14, 16 or 18 hour fast? I suggest keeping it simple. Start with filtered water, herbal tea and black coffee. What about the popular “bulletproof coffee” or adding assorted fats to your morning routine? Some ask, “if I stay in a ketogenic state, am I still fasted?”

My answer is no. I am something of a purist in this regard. I believe that the goal is to truly fast. I want to encourage all people who are trying fasting for the first time, or who are still working through their own fasting journey, to keep things as simple as possible.

I like abiding by these intermittent fasting rules, but this isn’t about food shaming if you don’t. We are all on our own journeys. We all must pay attention to our own experience. I don’t intend to pass judgment. My answer is based on my own research and expertise.

I will make one caveat. Research has revealed that MCT oil doesn’t create an insulin response like it’s mother product, coconut oil. I also believe grass-fed butter to fall into something of a “gray area.” But I must refer back to what I stated earlier. Filtered water, herbal teas and black coffee are your best options while obtaining your fasting goals.

If you find yourself playing this game: trying to figure out what you can still consume, while fasting, that won’t “technically” break your fast, I believe you are missing the most valuable piece of fasting.

Maintaining an extended fast is very beneficial to help us better understand our own relationships with food. I encourage you to keep your fasting time as pure as possible. Clear your mind, meditate, do yoga, stay hydrated and journal if feelings of anxiety arise. Do refer back to my original post detailing the basics of intermittent fasting. There are some groups of people I do not recommend fast.

Friends, please ask questions below. I am more than happy to answer them as best I can. Some of my favorite aspects of intermittent fasting include the fact that it’s simple. Let’s not over-complicate things. Stay hydrated and break your fast with a decent sized meal that’s balanced in proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

You can do it.