Eating Clean at Costco

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My latest Costco haul is here to bring you an up-to-date glimpse at clean options your family members will enjoy while you can rest easy knowing that these foods aren’t filled with chemicals and additives. My two criteria are no soy or soy derivatives, and no seed oils. Why? Because these additives are highly inflammatory and are cheap, food companies use them on unsuspecting consumers. Seed oils especially are exposed to toxic solvents and chemicals during processing. They are known to be obesogenic, meaning they make us fat. Because these ingredients are cheap filler, companies continue to use them… but we know better.

Costco already does a great job with a wide variety in organic produce and quality meat. When I say quality, I mean that I am looking for grass-fed, cage-free and other indicators that my protein source lived a good life.

Eating Clean at Costco

Kerrygold Butter: economical value in bulk, this option provides great flavor and quality from delicious grass-fed cows.

Wild Planet Tuna: Superb quality and “pole caught” ensures safe harvesting that sustains natural habitats and populations of wild tuna.

Sardines: sardines are a fantastic source of Omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for brain & cognitive health. I’m using these sardines in a pate recipe that I found. You can try it HERE.

Avocado Oil: great to drizzle on salads, cook with and add to recipes due to it’s mild flavor

Milton’s Cauliflower Crust Pizza: two pizzas per box are a great option for moms who want a quick option for starving kiddos.

Hemp Hearts: buying in bulk helps and is a complete plant based protein perfect to supplement any diet,pro tip: keep them in the fridge so they stay fresh longer

Navitas Cacao: a purer and more antioxidant-rich version of cocoa. Feel free to add this to smoothies and recipes.

Organic Fresh Salsa: perfect snack or topping. I don’t love the plastic packaging but you could transplant it into smaller glass containers if you wanted to.

Organic Berries: we bought the raspberries this trip however all of the berries looked great and are a great value.

Grain-free Granola: this particular mix uses really clean sweeteners and no funky oils. It’s a win in my book especially added to a dairy-free yogurt

Marcona Almond Trail Mix Blend: trail mix can be dense in calories, be sure to check that this fits your nutritional needs.

Good Foods Organic avocado mash: single serving pouches make it perfect for lunches on the go.

Chunky guacamole: larger portion and tastes like table side, traditional guac you’d get at a quality Mexican restaurant.

Brown Basmati Rice: these microwavable portions are the perfect gluten-free grain and complex carbohydrate choice for my boys.

Cauliflower Rice: pre-portioned cauliflower rice you can just heat and eat. Incredibly easy and a huge time saver.

Madras Lentils: easy to heat up portions of complex carbs and protein … great for active kids!

Fun Foods!

I think healthy and fun are two things that can absolutely go together! Be sure to look for these fun finds at your local Costco.

Dark Chocolate Nuggets: pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, coconut & dark chocolate…. and highly addictive. You’ve been warned.

Coconut Clusters: pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, coconut.

Whisps: literally just puffed parmesan cheese, the ingredients couldn’t be simpler and the texture is fun!

Country Archer Beef Sticks: completely junk free and a solid option to throw in lunches!

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