Ep. 113 – How to Survive the Ups & Downs of Perimenopause – with Dr. Mindy Pelz

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Do you ever wonder what menopause will be like for you? Or are you struggling through it right now? Today, we’re delighted to welcome Dr. Mindy Pelz as our guest. Dr. Mindy is a recognized leader in the alternative world, and she is always happy to talk about fasting, keto, and hormones. 

In today’s episode, we have an in-depth conversation about supporting women who are navigating the physical changes that occur during perimenopause, and we discuss various ways to create a lifestyle where your body can ride the hormonal ups and downs effortlessly. Stay tuned to find out more!

Dr. Mindy empowers people across the globe to believe in the healing abilities of their bodies through fasting, diet variation, removing chemicals from the body, and more. Dr. Mindy is the founder of her local clinic, Family Life Wellness, and she also founded the Reset Academy, a private group to help people implement the principals of fasting, keto, and diet variation into their daily lives. 

She is the host of the Resetter Podcast, and she has authored three best-selling books, The Menopause ResetThe Reset Factor, and The Reset Kitchen. Be sure to listen in today to find out how women can be supported as they make the challenging transition into menopause.

 “Holding onto weight is an insulin problem, not a calorie problem.” – Dr. Mindy Pelz


  • How Dr. Mindy stumbled upon fasting, detox, keto, and diet variation, as a way to help her through her perimenopause/menopause journey.
    1. Where traditional medicine falls short of women’s expectations during the transition to menopause.
    2. What women can do differently, starting at forty, to help in riding the decline of their sex hormones. 
    3. The benefits of fasting during perimenopause.
    4. How exercising helps your mental health.
    5. How to do keto effectively.
    6. Varying your diet to best support the different phases of menopause.
    7. Forcing your body to become a fat burner.
    8. How to make the best decisions for yourself as you navigate your journey through menopause.

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