Ep. 115 – How Sugar Impacts Children Mentally, Physically & Academically – with Dr. Emily Ventura and Dr. Michael Goran

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Is your child overweight? Would you like to know what you can do about it? Sugar has shifted the health trajectory of our entire nation. Understanding some of the issues with sugary foods and making some simple dietary changes can have a tremendous impact on your health and the health of your children.

We’re excited to have Dr. Michael Goran and Dr. Emily Ventura joining us today to talk about their new book, Sugarproof. We dive right into the sugar issue and talk about the impact that sugar has on the mental, physical, and academic health of our children in today’s episode. We’re sure you’re going to enjoy our conversation, so stay tuned for more!

“Just because something is unrefined, or less refined, it doesn’t mean that it’s not a source of sugar.”

Dr. Emily Ventura

Dr. Goran is a Professor of Pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, which is affiliated with the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California. He is Program Director for Diabetes and Obesity at The Saban Research Institute, and he holds the Dr. Robert C. and Veronica Atkins Endowed Chair in Childhood Obesity and Diabetes. He also serves as Co-Director of the USC Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute. 

Dr. Emily Ventura is a nutrition educator, public health advocate, writer, and cook. She did her BA in Biology in Society with an additional concentration in Latin American Studies at Cornell University, and she later went on to complete her Masters in Public Health and Doctorate of Philosophy in Preventive Medicine at the University of Southern California. She has spent ten years of research experience in public health with a focus on dietary strategies for the prevention of obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Be sure to listen in today to find out about the real impact that sugar has on our children and the health of our nation.

“You might not be aware of the silent effects of sugar because it’s a slow progression of chronic disease that starts in childhood or the womb.”

Dr. Michael Goran


  • The “silent effects” of sugar that you might not be aware of.
    1. Some things that pregnant women can do to lessen the impact of sugar consumption on the fetus.
    2. Why children are more vulnerable to the effects of sugar than are adults.
    3. The potentially damaging effects of fructose, the differentiators between sucrose and fructose, why you should be concerned about fructose, and what makes fructose unique.
    4. What high-fructose corn syrup is, how it differs from the fructose found in fruit, and why you need to be concerned about it.
    5. The truth about agave syrup and other unrefined sugars.
    6. Some of the more surprising places where you will find disguised sugars.
    7. Some ways to reduce the sugar in your diet and your children’s diets.
    8. Tips for navigating sugar issues with older children and teenagers.
    9. What you can do if you notice your children putting on weight as a result of being less physically active.
    10. Getting your kids internally motivated about what will make them feel and perform better.
    11. The issues with some of the alternative sweeteners used in baking and treats.
    12. Ways to adjust recipes to make them healthier and still taste good.

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