Ep. 118 – Removing Toxicity to Reduce Inflammation and Finally Heal with Dr. Daniel Pompa

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We are thrilled to have Dr. Daniel Pompa joining us today! Dr. Pompa is a respected researcher, author, podcast host, and teacher. He specializes in root cause, inflammation-driven disease, the therapeutic application of the ketogenic diet, fasting, ancestral-based health approaches, cellular healing, and detoxification. Stay tuned for more!

At the end of 1999, after being in great physical shape, Dr. Pompa started experiencing a lack of energy. Thinking it was a result of over-training, he took some time off, but things got even worse. He began experiencing headaches, insomnia, and food allergies, so he spent a fortune on all kinds of physical tests, all of which came back normal. After that, he decided to figure things out for himself, and everything he teaches today came out of what he discovered while doing that. 

In today’s episode, he talks about removing the cause of toxicity and inflammation, going upstream, and following a multi-therapeutic approach to health and healing. Be sure to listen in today, to hear Dr. Pompa’s inspiring story, and find out what you need for healing and your optimum health.

“Everything I teach today came out of me figuring my health issues out and finding the upstream causative factor.” 

Dr. Daniel Pompa


  • The health crisis that resulted in Dr. Pompa becoming a detox expert and a health educator.
  • The modalities that Dr. Pompa uses when working with his patients and the health-care professionals he coaches and teaches.
  • Why Dr. Pompa became fascinated with DNA intelligence, which is the body’s ability to heal itself. Fasting is part of it.
  • How we inadvertently become exposed to the toxins in our environment, lead and mercury in particular, and how they can adversely impact our hormones and hypothalamus-pituitary access.
  • The benefits of implementing a multi-therapeutic dietary approach to your health and healing.
  • Why women need more diversity in their diets than men do.
  • Why you need to detox.
  • What to look for if you suspect you need to detox.
  • Dr. Pompa’s ‘Five Rs of Cellular Healing and Cellular Detox’.
  • How you can optimize your hormones, especially as you age.
  • How to break through weight-loss plateaus, even while on a low-carb diet.
  • Whether or not carbohydrates are bad for you.
  • Why you need to have variety and diversity in your diet.

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