Ep. 122 – The Impact of 5G and EMF Radiation on Your Body with Dr. Kedar Prasad

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We are excited to have Dr. Kedar Prasad on the show with us today! He is a youthful and very knowledgeable eighty-five-year-old gentleman who attained the world’s first Radiation Biology Ph.D. in 1963. 

Dr. Prasad holds patents on the radiation defense benefits of micronutrients. He has published 29 books and over 250 peer-reviewed scientific papers on micronutrition, including papers on radiation defense with micronutrition. 

Dr. Prasad has been a professor at the University of Colorado Medical School for more than thirty years and is the Director of Vitamin and Cancer Research. He is also a member of the British Royal Society of Medicine, an invited member of the Nobel Nominating Committee for Candidates in Medicine, and former President of the International Society of Cancer and Nutrition. 

He is joined today by his colleague, Dave Nemelka, who is a Wharton MBA, a Proctor and Gamble Health-Care Brand Manager, a Founder of McKinley Capital, and the Founder and CEO of Engage Global. He is also Dr. Prasad’s partner in bringing wellness to the world with micronutrition.

Misinformation about radiation and EMF is abounding at the moment. Dr. Prasad has invested his life in coming up with answers, and he is with us to give us a message of hope and positivity. 

Dr. Prasad and Dave are joining us on the show today to educate us and to help us understand what electromagnetic frequency fields are. They explain why EMF radiation is a concern with the growing technology of 5G, what electromagnetic frequency fields do to our bodies, how to protect ourselves proactively against EMF radiation, and how micronutrients work to protect us from the inside out against damage from 5G EMF radiation. Stay tuned to find out more!

“Electrical transmission you can block, but magnetic fields, or magnetic radiation, cannot be blocked. So they will penetrate your system and cause damage.”

Dr. Kedar Prasad


  • What EMF radiation is and why we need to be concerned about it.
  • Credible research that indicates that 5G EMF radiation causes cellular damage and is a threat to our health.
  • The impact of EMF on the developing brain.
  • Using micronutrition as an effective defense against 5G EMF radiation damage.
  • Dr. Prasad developed a supplement that has all the necessary micronutrients that are critical for the health of our bodies.
  • Why Dr. Prasad recommends taking a micronutrient supplement twice, rather than once a day.
  • Why Dr. Prasad does not add any iron, copper, or manganese to his micronutrient preparation.
  • Some simple changes you can make that will reduce your exposure to radiation from the EMF devices in your home.
  • Our bodies are designed to deal with threats from our environment if we give them the proper nutrition at the foundational, cellular level.

Connect with Dr. Kedar Prasad

  • Dr. Prasad’s website
  • You can purchase Micro Daily EMF product here using the code 12229
  • You can purchase the Micro Daily product directly from here

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