Ep. 157 Biochemistry Secrets To Burn Fat Faster: Navigating the Science of Fat With Dr. Sylvia Tara

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I am excited to welcome Dr. Sylvia Tara today as my guest for the show! Dr. Tara was driven to research fat, science, and lifestyle after she finally got fed up with eating less and exercising more than her slimmer friends throughout her life. Her experiences told her there was more to weight loss than just “calories in, calories out.” As a biochemist, she was driven to get to the bottom of fat’s mysteries and the reasons it vexes us. In her best-selling book, The Secret Life of Fat, she reveals the complex biology of fat, how it resists loss, and what to do to remove stubborn fat. 
Dr. Tara holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of California at San Diego and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. After trying dozens of different diets and failing with all of them, she started using every tool at her disposal, talking to researchers, and reading as many research papers as possible to learn the truth about fat and find out why she had so much difficulty losing weight. What she learned was surprising, and it answered all of her questions. Be sure to listen in today to find out what Dr. Tara discovered about fat and the way it functions.

Dr. Tara talks about her book, The Secret Life of Fat, and discusses her motivation for writing it.

The most surprising aspect of fat.

Dr. Tara talks about leptin and the communication between fat tissue and the brain.

Why it is so hard for some people to lose weight, and what you need to be mindful of to be a successful dieter.

Dr. Tara shares some strategies for maintaining weight loss.

Dr. Tara has recently launched a course to help people navigate through the science of fat.

There are reproductive differences that women experience as they age that impact their ability to lose weight.

The many benefits of exercise for women as they age.

The importance of maintaining a healthy layer of fat as you age.

Certain viruses can be correlated to fat and can cause a higher risk of obesity.

Navigating your way around the endocrine-mimicking chemicals that we are often exposed to environmentally or through food.

Some of the genetic propensities that make some people more susceptible to gaining weight.

Dr. Tara talks about the bacteria in the gut biome that can impact the ability to gain or lose weight and what you can do to control it.

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