Bonus Episode 195 – How to Incorporate Reverse Dieting for Sustainable Results

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I am delighted to have Amanda Nighbert with me on the podcast today! Amanda is a registered dietitian specializing in weight loss nutrition. She was on the show once before, in episode 23, when the podcast was still relatively new. I asked her to join me again today to talk about weight-loss resistance and reverse dieting. 

As a dietician, Amanda is aligned fully with my perspectives, ideas, and dogmas. Before branching out into the online space, she spent about sixteen years as a weight-loss dietician, working with morbidly obese patients, including renal patients and diabetics who needed to lose more than a hundred pounds. 

Amanda’s education taught her about calories in versus calories out and led her to believe that fat is bad for you. Her years of experience eventually made her realize that was wrong, and people were doing the opposite of what they needed to do to lose weight and maintain the loss over the long term. 

In this episode, she explains why reverse dieting is so important and shares strategies for doing it. We go into metabolic adaptation, the diet industry, nutrition apps, and scale management. We also dive into why protein is the most vital macronutrient and how and why so many women are under-eating, over-exercising, and protein-deficient. 

I hope you learn a lot from today’s conversation!

“It’s not always about quantity. It’s about the quality of the food you’re eating..”

– Amanda Nighbert


  • Amanda explains what it took to realize that the nutrition model had to change.
  • Some of the strategies Amanda uses for women who have hit a plateau.
  • The importance of getting enough sleep- especially as you age.
  • Why does the quality of the food you eat still matter- even if you are getting enough macros?
  • Amanda unpacks reverse dieting and explains when she would implement it as a strategy for her clients.
  • Amanda explains how she helps women trust the process and work through their emotional issues around food. 
  • Why is reverse dieting the missing piece for maintenance?
  • How the app built into Amanda’s Lean Program helps people find their way back to a healthy metabolism. 
  • Amanda explains why the nutritionix app is her favorite external app.
  • Why should you avoid taking macro and caloric advice from tracking apps?
  • It is all about finding the right balance. (Amanda feels that protein is the most important macronutrient for weight loss, and not all carbs are bad.)
  • Why does it get harder for women to build and maintain muscle as they age? 

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