Ep. 204 – An Immune Centric Approach to Optimizing Health and Aging with Joel Greene

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An immune centric approach to health and aging is today’s show topic as I speak with Joel Greene, one of my favorite biohackers, on the podcast. Joel is very well-known in the health and fitness community! He is knowledgeable and passionate about science, and he has some fresh and distinctive notions about the gut microbiome and weight loss. 

Joel is the author of The Immunity Code. He has figured out different ways for us to focus on our gut microbiome and immune function while targeting specific pathways in the body that could amplify our results for body composition and various other things. 

In this episode, we dive into common ideologies and dogma, diet variations, and how the second law of thermodynamics relates to food. We discuss calories in calories out, the health of the gut microbiome, dysbiosis, inflammation, butyrate, fasting amplifications, and the concept of reductionism. Joel also shares some hacks for overall wellness and better sleep quality, and I talk briefly about my background and health journey. 

Tune into today’s fascinating conversation with Joel Greene to learn how to optimize your health with an immune centric approach!  


  • What motivated Joel to move from being an interval trainer with Olympic lifting to where he is today.  
  • There is an ongoing debate amongst scientists around calories in calories out. 
  • How he relates the second law of thermodynamics to food and body composition.
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is vital for sustained metabolic health.
  • Why people should eat whatever they want, from time to time to get their desired outcomes
  • There are both positives and negatives to following a low-carb diet.
  • There is a good rationale for being flexible and mixing things up in your diet.
  • The Immunity Code is all about doing things that yield big results and require little effort. 
  • Joel talks about the main tenets of The Immunity Code. 
  • The myriad benefits of increasing the populations of certain species of “lean” bacteria in the gut.
  • Joel shares his thoughts on butyrate.
  • The right way to re-introduce fiber when recovering from dysbiosis.
  • The benefits of amplified fasting. 
  • Joel unpacks the concept of pexophagy.
  • You can use ice and menthol to change your body composition.
  • Some effective hacks for better sleep.
  • Joel discusses reductionism.

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“Having variety in your diet is a way to avoid having problems down the road.”

– Joel Greene