Ep. 214 Breaking Down Insulin Resistance and Ketones with Dr. Latt Mansor

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I am delighted to have the opportunity to connect with Dr. Latt Mansor today! Dr. Mansor is the Research Lead at HVMN. He oversees all the company’s research efforts and collaborations with universities and research institutions. He has a Master’s degree in sarcopenia and a P.h.D. from Oxford University. His background is predominantly in metabolism and physiology. 

Dr. Mansor is a delightful individual who makes science and physiology accessible to everyone! In this episode, he and I discuss the role of ketones. We dive into how ketones are the fourth macronutrient, the role of energy and ATP, and using CGMs and glucometers to empower and motivate patients. We define endogenous versus exogenous ketones and explain how to utilize them in our daily lives. We also get into how ketones can improve cognition and performance, the cause of keto flu, fatty coffees, and the ongoing research that HVMN is doing. 

We hope you enjoy learning from today’s fascinating conversation with Dr. Latt Mansor! Stay tuned for more!


  • Dr. Mansor shares his fascinating educational and career background.
  • The relevance of sarcopenia and how it impacts metabolic flexibility.
  • What are ketones?
  • The difference between endogenous and exogenous ketones.
  • Dr. Mansor explains how ketones are the fourth macronutrient.
  • How modern-day lifestyles make it harder for our bodies to make endogenous ketones.
  • How does utilizing a more fuel-efficient substrate make us less hungry?
  • How can the use of glucometers and CGMs empower people?
  • Dr. Mansor explains how the HVMN product, The Ketone IQ, differs from other kinds of exogenous ketones. 
  • The cognitive benefits of BHB (Beta-hydroxybutyrate).
  • Who should use exogenous ketones?
  • Exogenous ketones and keto flu.
  • How Dr. Mansor came to live a healthier lifestyle. 
  • Dr. Mansor talks about research currently being done at HVMN. 

“Ketones are essentially a molecule that our body creates in the state of low glucose and low glycogen stores.”

– Dr. Latt Manson

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