Ep. 268 Understanding the Biology of Aging with Evolved Supplementation and Nutrition

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I’m honored to connect with Dr. Anurag Singh today! 

Dr. Anurag Singh is the Chief Medical Officer at Timeline Nutrition, where they develop next-generation advanced nutritional and skincare products targeting improvements in mitochondrial and cellular health. His background is in internal medicine and immunology. He has authored over 40 articles for top science journals and has more than 15 patents. He has designed and led more than 50 randomized controlled studies. 

Today, Dr. Singh and I dive into his background, key biological hallmarks of aging, what accelerates aging, and what we can do to address aging proactively. We discuss sarcopenia, mitochondrial health, the gut microbiome, supplementation, and the differences between prebiotics, probiotics, and post-biotics. We also get into the benefits of Mitopure and the research behind it.

Mitopure is a supplement I have been taking for several years. I feel it has been instrumental in improving and maintaining the mass and strength of my muscles. Research has been emerging specific to brain health and cognition, immune and metabolism, and topical applications of Mitopure.

“The two pillars of health are diet and exercise. But I think that nurturing good cellular health is the third pillar.”

– Dr. Anurag Singh


  • The key biological hallmarks of aging.
  • How healthy lifestyle choices can contribute to our health and longevity.
  • How can improving our mitochondrial health impact our lives and delay some of the comorbidities of aging?
  • The key role nutrition plays in everything we do, including how we age.
  • Some of the biggest contributors to the aging process.
  • Five lifestyle choices that can benefit mitochondrial health. 
  • Dr. Singh gives a simple view of the mitochondrial life cycle and shares his approach to mitochondrial health.
  • How Urolithin A was discovered, and how it works.
  • The difference between prebiotics, probiotics, and post-biotics.
  • Dr. Singh discusses the research that resulted in the advent of Mitopure.
  • Dr. Singh dives into the natural aging process of muscles and sarcopenia.
  • Why is it critically important to boost and maintain our muscular health?
  • How modern-day lifestyles impact the gut microbiome.
  • What are all the benefits of Mitopure?


Dr. Anurag Singh is currently Chief Medical Officer at Timeline Nutrition, which develops next-generation advanced nutritional and skincare products targeting improvements in mitochondrial and cellular health. With an M.D. in internal medicine and a Ph.D. in immunology, his experience includes work at top consumer health (Nestlé, Nestlé Health Science) and startup companies (Amazentis/Timeline). He’s authored > 40 articles for top science journals, been awarded >15 patents, and has designed and led > 50 randomized clinical trials. His research over the past decade across multiple clinical trials on the postbiotic Urolithin A and its health benefits has led to the launch of multiple consumer products.

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