Ep. 296 Secrets of Gut Microbiome and Glyphosate with Dr. Vincent Pedre

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In the ever-evolving journey toward holistic well-being, it is my privilege to welcome the esteemed Dr. Vincent Pedre onto the podcast once again! 

Dr. Pedre believes that the gut is the gateway to excellent wellness. His latest book, The Gut Smart Protocol, features a 14-day personalized gut healing plan, which is a testament to his commitment. As a functional medicine physician, the Medical Director of Pedre Integrative Health, the Founder of Dr. Pedre Wellness, and the CEO and Founder of The Happy Gut Life LLC, Dr. Pedre brings a wealth of expertise! 

In today’s conversation, we embark on a profound exploration of the gut microbiome’s intricate relationship with pesticides, particularly scrutinizing glyphosate’s role as an antimicrobial chelating agent. We navigate how that impacts our gut microbiome significantly, from dysbiosis to leaky gut syndrome, including the reduction in mucus production. Our dialogue also covers the profound impacts of antibiotics, the often-underestimated role of the soil biome, how we can reframe weight loss resistance through a gut-centric lens, the value of fermented foods, and the role of histamine. In addition, Dr. Pedre also unveils invaluable insights gleaned from his 2020 experiences with the Hadza tribe, shedding light on the nexus between the gut microbiome and holistic well-being.

Today’s discussion with Dr. Pedre reveals a myriad of information that will transform how we perceive the intricate interplay between our inner ecosystem and overall health. Stay tuned for more!

“Diversity itself influences the baseline on how our immune system is functioning, and with the fermented foods group, it shows that it lowers inflammatory markers.”

– Dr. Vincent Pedre


  • The impact of glyphosate on the gut microbiome
  • How are most people getting exposed to glyphosate? 
  • Why some countries have outlawed the use of glyphosate
  • The importance of the soil concerning our health
  • The cumulative effects of antibiotics on gut health
  • Why is it essential to eat fermented foods
  • Fiber-rich versus high-fermented foods
  • How it all starts with the food you eat
  • The triad of detoxification
  • How different types of gut bacteria impact the extraction of calories
  • Why is the Hadza tribe so fascinating?
  • Over-sanitisation and the gut microbiome

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