Ep. 324 A Fresh Perspective on Aging: Dr. Youn’s Expert Insights

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I am thrilled to connect with my friend and colleague, Dr. Anthony Youn today. 

Dr. Youn is a nationally recognized board-certified plastic surgeon and the author of many best-selling books. He has a massive social media presence and hosts the widely acclaimed podcast The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show.

In our conversation today, we dive into Dr. Youn’s new book, Younger for Life, and he offers valuable insights on skin health and overall well-being. We explore the aging process and address oxidative-free radical damage, chronic inflammation, autophagy, and the impact of processed foods. We also get into helpful supplements for skin support, examine the concept of greenwashing, and discuss sunscreen, exfoliation, in-office treatments, breast implant illness, and the power of lifestyle choices.

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“Auto-divination is a new and different way of looking at aging from a truly integrative perspective. That is the basis of my book, Younger for Life.”

– Dr. Anthony Youn


  • How to avoid aging too quickly through nutrition and lifestyle changes
  • How sugar and seed oils impact skin aging
  • The benefits of collagen supplements for healthier skin 
  • Hormonal changes that affect the metabolism and skin health after menopause
  • The importance of screening the ingredients in skincare products
  • How chemical sunscreens differ from physical sunblocks
  • Using Retinol for anti-aging and skin health
  • Non-invasive fat reduction treatments and their potential risks
  • Dr. Youn discusses breast implant illness
  • What you need to look out for when using Botox

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