Ep. 94 – Reclaim Your Vibrancy, Sexuality, Health and Happiness! – with Dr. Anna Cabeca

Your trusted source for nutrition, wellness, and mindset for thriving health.

In this episode, Cynthia spoke with Dr. Anna Cabeca. She is a triple board certified, Emory University trained physician and hormone expert. She counsels  women one-on-one to help them understand and improve their health and manage their hormones, ultimately changing the lives of thousands of women across the globe. Her new book “The Hormone Fix” and other empowering transformation programs have helped women of all ages become their best selves again. Her successful line of all-natural products features the alkaline superfoods drink Mighty Maca® PLUS and the rejuvenating vulvar cream Julva®. Her work has been featured in all major news media including NBC, CBS, ABC, People.com, on NPR’s 51% show, Reader’s Digest, Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Style, and Sirius XM.


  • Comprehensive Approach to Hormones & Menopause the Keto-Green Way
  • The Importance Of Intermittent Fasting For Hormone Balance
  • Ketones vs. Glucose – Why Feeding Your Brain Ketones Can Save Your Health
  • Neuroendocrine Vulnerability – Are You Feeding Your Brain and Gut the Right Way?
  • Starving Brains and Growing Waistlines – How These are Directly Linked and What to Do About It
  • Keto Diets & Their Effect on Menopausal Symptoms