Episode 56: The Cochrane Method and Bioindividuality

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In this episode, we are joined by Teri Cochrane. Teri Cochrane is an  internationally known health expert specializing in complex and chronic conditions as well as optimizing elite performers. She recently authored Amazon #1 newly released book titled The Wildatarian Diet: Living as Nature Intended.

Teri started as a risk manager by trade but became a risk manager for her children’s health when their health started declining while following the traditional path of medicine. Their health conditions led her to seek solutions to their health crises. Both of her children recovered from life-threatening illnesses when she discerned the root cause of their imbalances and when they changed the way they ate to support their unique genetic blueprint. She applies this thinking and approach to each of her clients as well, resulting to thousands of people being transformed to better their health. Her approach is coined as the “The Cochrane Method”. 

This method is also applied in her latest book The Wildatarian Diet: Living as Nature Intended. This book has pioneering research that teaches us that there is no one health food for everyone and how pathogens, stress, and our environment can influence our genes and therefore our health. The diet is completely customized to your individual Wild Type.

Teri Cochrane tells listeners: “There’s no one health food for everyone and there’s no one supplement for everyone. We are all different.”


  • What is Bioindividuality 
  • The contribution of genes in diseases and illnesses
  • Factors that influence our genetics
  • Link between the food we eat, our microbiology and the illnesses today
  • Factors that mess up our gut health

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