Episode 68: The Impossible Burger, and Other Alternatives to Meat

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In this episode, Cynthia Thurlow and Kelly Donahue, PhD talk about one of the most controversial, trending food substances that has been circulating in the nutrition space. They dove into what makes a food healthy or unhealthy, better and worse alternatives to meat and the general role and impact of food and nutrition to our overall health. 

 Cynthia Thurlow and Kelly Donahue, PhD explain the essence of wellness: ”We need to be aware and recognize that we still have a choice with our food. Just because it’s in our environment, it doesn’t mean we have to consume it.”


  • The key difference between unhealthy and healthy food
  • More about the Impossible Burger
  • The true impact of food in our overall health
  • Great whole plant-based alternatives to meat protein
  • The role of our environment in our food choices

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