Fast Track to Burnout

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Frustration. It happens.

A common theme I hear from women is how frustrated they are.

They get fed up with the lack of results, the lack of understanding from practitioners, the lack of quality of life they feel. It is so easy to get your head turned, when you feel these things, towards the flashiest marketing regarding a new diet/weight-loss/fitness program. But let’s be very clear. What is being sold to you is a PROGRAM. This probably isn’t your magic solution and here’s why…

One size fits all will NOT work long-term. To be fair, you might get results initially. Eating a healthier diet, consistent body exercise and group-think is helpful. I believe in that too. However, there is a major missing component, especially if you are north of 35 years old.

Bio-individuality is KEY.

Your unique hormone make-up, your gut health, your environmental factors, your life circumstances…. they ALL play a part in your weight and your health. For clarity, your weight is only a measure of your gravitational pull towards earth. It is not a picture of your health. I would know. Read about my own health crisis HERE.

What I believe in:

  • intermittent fasting
  • whole food nutrition
  • quality sleep
  • HIIT & weight training
  • mindful movement daily
  • carb cycling (especially for women surrounding their menstrual cycle)

Now, you might be thinking…. that sounds like a lot!

If you wanted to start somewhere, I recommend starting with sleep. Read about sleep strategies HERE. You read that correctly, the stress (cortisol) you are triggering in your body in the evening combined with your lack of deep sleep has a lot to do with your trouble areas.

Next, I would cut out inflammatory foods and inflammatory commitments. Say good bye to gluten, grains, alcohol, dairy. Say goodbye to that stressful work project you volunteered for (why must we say yes to everything?) Say goodbye to never putting you on the list. Distance yourself from triggers. Grab a journal, read, meditate, listen to a podcast. Take back your mental health. Seek out a therapist, healer, shaman, pastor, whatever works for you… so that you have an outside party to share your troubles to.

Next, I would implement intermittent fasting and clean eating. Major focus on protein, quality fats, filling vegetables. I have many blog posts on this. You can start by reading this one HERE.

Lastly, I might suggest HIIT (high-intensity interval training) 2x per week, weight lifting 2x per week. Everyday you walk, do yoga, meditate…. something. What you don’t want to do is exercise with high intensity without addressing sleep, cortisol, inflammation, etc. What you don’t do is hours of cardio. Matter of fact, if you read closely, you will notice that I never once mentioned cardio. Work your cardiovascular system through neighborhood walks, and workout on days that you get adequate rest, hydration, and nutrition.

You will be on the fast track to burn out if you combine everything from my aforementioned list everyday. You will be on the fast track to burn out if you try to keep up with instagram fitspo’s instead of listening to your own body. You will be on the fast track to burn out if you don’t address the root causes of your hormone imbalances. You will be on the fast track to gaining weight if you stick to a macro breakdown that wasn’t custom built for you. You will be on the fast track to gaining weight if you continue to put stressors upon your body that stimulate a cortisol response.

To all my beautiful and smart readers…. be your own detective. Search for the answers that work for your body. Listen to how your body reacts when you eat something, listen to how your body reacts to certain workouts. You can’t subscribe to a program, no matter how much “social media proof” they provide if it doesn’t work for you. You must quit your subscription to the “Diet Culture Club.”

If you read all of this and wonder…. “Well then, Cynthia, what about your programs?”

I can assure you that inside my programs we start with the exact basics listed above. We build on them. My team and I emphasize bio-individuality always. We encourage testing within our more advanced programs. I offer in-depth work with a limited number of 1:1 clients. Additionally, I have a highly educated functional nutritionist and nurse anesthetist who also works one-on-one as a partner with my clients. Learn more about Tessa Guevara HERE

I will not ever claim to be perfect, nor will I claim to have the perfect solution for you. I will claim to provide you with the best education and information that I can get my hands on.

What I will claim is that most women are over-doing it. Most women are already burnt out. Most women need testing and simple strategies implemented over time, and with consistency, for a changed lifestyle.

Now, I want to hear from you. Please comment, this is a topic my team and I are passionate about. We want to serve you as best as we can, and we want to know where you feel like things have gone wrong for you in the past.