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Many of my clients express concern because they know they turn to food (mostly unhealthy) when they feel stressed, tired and emotional. Because of this I put together nine different ways to feel nourished that doesn’t involve food. These are all ways to incorporate self-care into your life that will only benefit your mind, body and soul.


When’s the last time you dug your toes in the sand? When’s the last time you were barefoot in the grass? I’m guessing it’s been awhile. If it has, I highly suggest that you take your shoes off and just wiggle your toes in the lawn. it’s immediately restorative to your system to reconnect with nature on an elemental level. Watch your cortisol drop and your happiness increase just from a few minutes of letting your skin touch the earth.


Technology enhances our lives in so many ways. However, it is the culprit leading you to a constant distracted state, filled with that feeling of having to be “ON” all the time. Social media especially, is designed to be addictive. We want and seek the feelings of being “liked” by our social media peers. Take a REAL tech break. No phone, no Apple Watch, no TV, tablet. Nada. Nothing. It’s amazing the amount of independent thoughts you can have when you aren’t constantly distracted by technology. Start incorporating tech breaks into your normal routine.


The largest organ in your body system needs to be baby’d. I’m passionate about removing toxins from our skincare and using quality products. As a Beautycounter consultant I continue to be impressed with the incredible quality of their products and how effective they are, all while staying stylish. Slough off dull skin with the Sugar Body Scrub, stay hydrated with the Citrus Mimosa Body Lotion, and glow from head to toe with the Glow Shimmer Oil. <<SHOP HERE>>


Instead of rushing through your day notice the little things. Become aware of your actions and your space. It leads a greater sense of wonderment and joy. And I think we all could use a little bit more of that!


I love to read. Actually, I love to learn and continuing to read as an adult allows me to decide what I’m going to learn more about. I’m currently reading “Sexy Brain” by Dr. Lindsey Berkson and “Dopesick” by Beth Macy. If you want some reading inspiration check out the 5 books that changed the way I think about food HERE.


Enjoy 15 -20 minutes of sunshine without sunblock. Simply pet the dog, pull a few weeds, or take a slow walk around the block. It doesn’t need to be extravagant. Most, if not ALL, modern humans are deficient in Vitamin D. You can help improve this by enjoying some time with our largest star.


If you are someone who struggles with sleep because you have so many thoughts swirling around in your head, then you should consider doing a “brain dump” before bed. A few blank sheets of paper can become your new bedtime journal. Jot anything down, don’t put extra pressure on yourself.


If you have stress in your life then you are probably deficient in magnesium. Replenish your magnesium stores with a foot soak or bath using Epsom salts. Add some lavender essential oils to further relax and calm yourself before bed. I love the magnesium products from Ancient Minerals.


It’s just so liberating to say no. Please remember this is a full sentence and you don’t need to explain yourself to anybody. Start eliminating odd obligatory yes’s and watch your schedule become lighter!

I hope you have enjoyed these recommendations. Start nourishing yourself and make your health a priority today!