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I had the pleasure to travel to Los Angeles, Beverly Hills specifically, and take part in the live stream, morning talk show, Good Morning LaLa Land.

My trip started first with a direct flight from the DC area, where I live, to Los Angeles. I chose to stay at the Sofitel which ended up being an incredible choice. The location was fantastic, and the staff were extremely helpful. I enjoyed the pool and in-house restaurant.

My team member arrived and we headed out to a delicious dinner. As someone who is grain-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and currently oxalate free…. choosing where to eat can be a challenge. Luckily our concierge pointed us in the right direction. We enjoyed Tapas style dining in a gorgeous 1920s inspired, Spanish style restaurant named A.O.C. We wrapped that up with a drink in our hotel bar (water for me) and got some much needed beauty sleep.

Glam Squad arrived at 6am to help me get camera ready. This appearance on Good Morning LaLa Land is actually my 15th television appearance. I provide content for my local ABC affiliate news station WJLA and you can see all of those segments by clicking HERE.

Once ready, we traveled to the station which was only a few blocks from the hotel. Their filming studio is very intimate and fascinating to be a part of. They had multiple inspirational and motivational people there to fill their segment and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting each one of them. I especially liked getting to know a fellow appendicitis and colitis survivor who had a surprisingly similar story to my own. Be sure to check out Mike Diamond, his inspirational story of sobriety, appendicitis and running for a cause.

After taping each respective segment we all participated in some photos for the “red carpet” and general camaraderie. I left that experience feeling great about the interview. I continue to feel energized about this incredible opportunity that I have to teach others. And I feel grateful for my experiences; the good, bad, ugly and the glorious. All of these have lead up to where I am now and they continue to pave the trajectory of this business.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

Follow your passion.

Too often in life we get distracted, we stop connecting with our true desires and potential. I get it. Life gets busy, right? My desire to share my message with the world, a larger audience keeps expanding. With that expansion comes great clarity of the things that I must say no to, so I can say yes to my true passions.

I receive messages every single day about how a blog post, social media post, talk or video has improved someone’s mindset or lifestyle.

To the lovely woman on Twitter who shared that my second TEDx talk inspired her to finally take action and address her underlying depression and food addiction, she has now lost 30-lbs in the past four months! She’s reconnecting with her family and making better food choices. THAT is real impact. THAT is my passion.

Friends, I am so grateful for the opportunity to connect with so many amazing people at Good Morning LaLa Land. I hope you enjoy the segment below.