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In my viral TEDx Talk, I establish intermittent fasting as a transformative technique. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Let’s hear from others who have found true transformations through fasting. Below you will find a variety of women who have experienced their own version of success through fasting. Read and enjoy, I hope you find them just as inspiring as I have.

“Today is my 5 month IF anniversary. I’ve lost over 17 pounds, 3.5″ from my waist, 2″ from my hips, and 4” (!!!) from my lower back… that area between hips and waist. My relationship with food is so much better, I’m sleeping better and feeling stronger. I love that I can comfortably wear anything in my closet and am not hiding in my clothes anymore. Still working on lowering carbs, that’s my next challenge and important to me because I was pre-diabetic before I started fasting. Looking forward to getting bloodwork done to see how fasting has changed my numbers! Fasting on!”


Here’s an incredible story of reclaimed health at any age:

“At almost 65 years of age I’ve finally reversed the 5 pound per decade increase in weight I’d experienced since puberty. And the way I did it doesn’t involve counting calories, eliminating carbs or fats, or expensive diets. I did it using the simple 16/8 method of intermittent fasting.

I was 115 pounds when I got my first drivers license at 16. By the time I was 64, I weighed 144 pounds. That might not seem that overweight these days, but I’m 5’4” and a small boned, narrow-framed woman. The weight did not look good on me. Now I’d tried Atkins and keto diets. They worked pretty well before I reached menopause. The pounds would melt away, until I could no longer bear the absence of pasta, potatoes, and rice. Then my weight would bounce back up. These diets completely stopped working after menopause. To add insult to injury, the additional weight started looking “lumpy”. Like the individual cellulite cells were getting fatter! …

I lost 5 pounds within a couple weeks, and was thrilled! I found 16/8 IF to be extremely easy to do, and I didn’t experience any adverse reactions. Then the next 5 pounds disappeared, and after a couple months I was down to 120. I’ve hovered between 118 and 122 for about 3 months now. I feel great. IF is a system of eating more than it is a diet. I’ve even gone back to eating pasta, potatoes, rice, and good quality sour dough bread a few times a week. And red wine on the weekends. The weight is staying off and I feel great. My energy is high, my hair is shiny, my skin is clear, my lumpy cellulite has smoothed away. Even some aches and pains have disappeared….And my husband is thrilled with how I look and has also started intermittent fasting. He’s lost 25 pounds. :)”


“…I started initially with a 16/8 fasting routine (16 hours fast and 8-hour eating window). I gave up my usual not so “heart-healthy” oatmeal loaded with all carbohydrate goodies. I got rid of sugar/milk from my coffee (which ironically I savor more –just black and strong). With Ms. Cynthia’s help, I switched to a healthier eating pattern- cut out sugars (including some fruits, unhealthy Indian desserts), started eating organic meats, fish, and lots of eggs. I added nuts, avocado to my diet, and kept my carbohydrate intake to a minimum. I drink a ton of water daily and avoid sodas and alcohol. Another staple of Indian diet is the food cooked in so-called heart healthy vegetable nut oils. I now avoid foods cooked in such pro-inflammatory cooking medium. I have switched to using extra-virgin olive oil, avocado oil and coconut oils. Ms. Cynthia’s motivational tweets led me to invest in weight exercises every other day. I also added outdoors and meditation/body scan as a mandatory daily thing in my life. Additionally, following Ms. Cynthia on twitter led me to follow other like-minded experts on IF such as Dr. Fung.”


“The last time I wore this dress about two+ years ago, I felt like a stuffed sausage. In order to get it zipped, I had to have on shapewear AND control top tights. Today I put it on and zipped it easily with room to spare! And NO SHAPEWEAR OR CONTROL TOP TIGHTS!!! It feels loose and comfy! …My arms are starting to take shape again too! (been doing HITT and Tabata workouts). Now, I haven’t lost much weight, but I’m obviously changing my shape and losing inches. I’m coming up on a year of practicing IF. This doesn’t happen fast, but it is happening…”

— C.W.

This is incredible, we love her story! Mini-meals are not the answer.

“Hi My name is C.J. I have been intermittent fasting for five years! Amazing results. Has changed my entire life and have learned so much about food intake. Years ago I was a fitness competitor and was brainwashed that the only way to loose weight and be healthy is to eat six small meals a day! NOT! Lol. I either do 20:4 fasting and also do extended fasting. My energy is through the roof, my skin is great, sleep is Awesome and I am not a prisoner to food anymore.”

— CJ

“Biggest transformation is gaining control of my cravings and what I eat.  I now crave healthy food and am not even tempted by crap.  I’ve lost 10 pounds which I didn’t even think was possible.  I’m trying to work on mindset now and telling myself I can do this… I am loving how I am feeling!…”


“Life changing for me. Mental clarity, feeling peaceful in my body, abdominal fat reduction (hallelujah!) and overall weight loss. IF is my new norm. I’m so very thankful.”

— L.M.

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