How I Eat When I Travel

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I’ve had an increase in travel in the last year… and my travel has been largely work-related. I have enjoyed the experience immensely. Travel is a major part of my soul, I love experiencing new people and new places.

That being said, maintaining my eating style which is strictly gluten free and dairy free with a high priority on protein consumption, can be challenging. But I do manage to eat well!

How I Eat When I Travel

First: Intermittent Fast

When traveling I try to maintain a 16:8 fasting window. This is the same strategy I use at home. I love to fast during long airplane flights. It helps to keep me from consuming questionable foods and empty calories.

Second: Breaking My Fast

Just about everywhere I go I can find an omlette or egg option. Ever since I had my hug health scare last year, I’ve loved eggs. They are the perfect balance of protein and fat, and gentle on my digestive system.

On this plate I ate the two egg omlette, guacamole, and some fruit. I did not eat the fried potatoes that came with it.

This omelette has bacon and mushrooms. I do enjoy eating berries when I can as they have a low glycemic index.

Third: Prioritize Protein

One of my health goals is to gain muscle and consume enough protein to sustain my lifting regiment. I love my gym time and want to see my hard work pay off. Protein is also satiating which means it keeps me feeling full longer.

Seen below, clockwise from left: filet and lobster, pork and assorted veggies, chicken verde with salsa and guacamole, steak and mushrooms with artichoke hearts.

Fourth: Delicious Snacks

Sometimes when we travel we just can’t resist delicious morsels like the items below. Pork belly seared to perfection and deviled eggs covered in fresh dill and paprika.

There you have it! How I typically eat when I travel. I’d love to hear from you and see how you strategize clean eating on the go!

Drop a comment below and I will respond.

p.s. I think the more we demand, as consumers, healthy options the more retailers will have to provide them. Get picky, friends.