Intermittent Fasting: FAQ 2

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I am so humbled to know that something I created has resonated with so many. My TEDx Talk, Intermittent Fasting: Transformative Technique, was created with the premise in mind that, yes, intermittent fasting is a great technique for weight loss; however, one of the key components to sustained weight loss is balanced hormones. I know that intermittent fasting helps balance blood sugar and hormones for most people. Females especially need natural hormone support throughout multiple phases of their lives, and that’s why I’m passionate about sharing and speaking on this topic.

Due to popular response, we are putting together our second round of Frequently Asked Questions. As a FREE GIFT to you we have compiled ALL of our frequently asked questions in one downloadable pdf. Enjoy!

Q. Can I take my supplements during my fasting window?

The answer is really dependent on you and your supplement regimen. Most are fine, but some items, specifically fat soluble vitamins, like A, D, E, K should be saved for your feeding window. L-glutamine and BCAAs need to be taken during your feeding window, as they will kick you out of ketosis. Most other supplements are ok!

Q. How should I time my meals once I break my fast?

In a typical 8 hour feeding window, I will have two meals spaced four hours apart. You should do what works for you. Some people prefer one large meal and a snack; others want two meals.

Q. How do I time my fasting window when working shift work?

If you only work two to three days per week, fuel your body based on what works best for you. When you first start fasting, I would shorten your fasting window and go slowly. You can absolutely adjust your feeding/fasting windows around long shifts. It works!

Q. Can I participate in intermittent fasting if my thyroid is out of whack? What if my adrenals are “stressed”?

If you have been recently diagnosed with these issues, I suggest you discuss this technique with your healthcare provider. Consider this strategy once your clinical situation has stabilized.

Q. Does sleeping count as fasting time?

YES! If you are sleeping you are fasting.

Q. Can I “fat fast” and intermittent fast?

Some people “fat fast” with a “Bulletproof” coffee.  Some do this to potentiate a longer fast, you might be fasting, but you are consuming calories.  Therefore, in my opinion, this isn’t my definition of a true fast. Consuming less than 50 calories or consuming fat is breaking your fast, no matter what!

Q. Why does my breath stink while fasting?

This is from ketosis and is a normal side effect of your body burning fat instead of glucose. Please do NOT confuse this with DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis) which is a life threatening issue related to uncontrolled blood sugar. DKA is an acute illness and is a sign of dangerously high level of ketones.

Q. I’ve hit my ideal weight… now what?

Keep going! There is no reason not to continue. Remember that there are lots of benefits to IF beyond fat and weight loss. My favorite reasons are autophagy (cleaning up diseased cells), improving blood sugar, lowering insulin levels, lowering blood pressure and improving cognition.

Q. I’m constipated while doing IF, what gives?

I would ensure that you are adequately hydrated. I find that most people who suddenly have a change in their bowel movements with intermittent fasting are either consuming more protein/fat than they had been, or they are dehydrated. Try consuming more probiotic rich foods during your feeding window such as: low sugar kombucha, water kefir, fermented veggies. If it persists, discuss with your healthcare provider.

Q. Why am I noticing changes to my menstrual cycle?

Most women note a distinctive improvement in their cycles and PMS with intermittent fasting, but occasionally women will notice a negative impact on their cycles. If your cycle is suddenly irregular, heavier or you have worsened PMS symptoms, you may want to reconsider this strategy.

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