Pantry Staples While Staying Home

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Let us answer the question:

How can we stock our pantries and ensure that we are eating healthfully to best support our bodies, especially as we adapt to our new normal?

I am going to take you inside my pantry to share with you exactly what this looks like for me.

I also was asked about fresh produce. I am all about fresh organic produce, even better if you can get it from a local grower. Fresh produce is especially beneficial for your immune system when you choose fruits and veggies rich in deep pigmentation. However, we do have concerns about cleanliness. I am sharing with you a simple solution for cleaning your produce below.

How to Safely Clean Produce:

1 part vinegar to 3 parts water with a few drops of grapeseed extract

Soak your veggies for a few minutes so loosen any stuck on gunk, rinse clean and dry.

Pantry Staples While Staying Home:

Healthy Oils: avocado oil, coconut oil, EVOO

Clean pre-made soups

Kettle & Fire bone broth

Sardines (I make my own sardine pate)

Wild Planet tuna

Gluten-free oats

Grain-free taco shells from Siete Foods

Green enchilada sauce and taco seasoning packets from Siete Foods

Primal Kitchen sauces and marinades

Tessemae’s green sauce, barbecue sauce

Pre-made pasta sauce…. watch for hidden sugar

Canned beans

Rice, Quinoa

Pique Tea for fasting support, electrolytes, and Four Sigmatic mushroom hot cacao mix

Collagen peptides (Bulletproof or Vital Proteins)

Pure Paleo by Designs for Health clean protein powder… tastes great and is dairy free

Designs for Health and Bulletproof protein bars

Fun Foods!

Hu Chocolate this brand is my favorite fun food.

Clean ice cream in the freezer (organic, few ingredients)

CHOMPS meat sticks

Paleo Valley snacks

Olives in portable travel packs

Gluten-free pastas (Trader Joe’s, Banza, Simples Mills, Annie’s Mac n Cheese)

Chips: we love Boulder Canyon, Cassava strips, and Late July

We have a free download for pantry guidelines as well. Grab yours <<HERE>>

You can set yourself up for success by thinking and planning ahead. Please note, you do not have to be in the grocery store, most of these things can be delivered to you from an internet order.

Make a list, involve your kids, manage meal time, plan simple healthy recipes… to help you achieve this, we are offering 50% off our pressure cooker recipes! use code: COVID

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I am endeavoring to provide all of you with the pertinent information regarding all things COVID-19. Please stay tuned, and let me know if this pantry list is helpful!