Seed Cycling 101

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Seed cycling is something any woman can do irrespective of where she is at in her hormonal journey. All women can benefit from consuming different seeds throughout the month. It’s pretty fascinating! These little plant based substances can make a big impact in how you feel!

Typically, I work with clients who tend to be in varying stages of estrogen dominance. Some might have more serious complications like fibroids or endometriosis, and others are displaying symptoms like PMS and weight gain.

Seed Cycling 101

Days 1-14:

You are going to want to use flax seed and pumpkin seeds the first half of your cycle. Day one is the first day of your period. A tablespoon is all you need (daily) for this to work. These particular seeds are going to help with the production of estrogen.

Days 15-28:

You will want to use a combination of sunflower seeds and sesame seeds. Again, a tablespoon of each is all you need. These seeds support the development of progesterone which will help ease PMS symptoms. Simply add them to smoothies, salads or make your own energy bites and granolas with these seeds.

Your health can have a noticeable improvement within 2-3 months of using the “seed cycling” strategy. This is such a fun way to feel better without the use of a prescription! Food is medicine.

If you are no longer getting your period (not menstrating) you can still benefit from following the lunar cycle. On the first day of a new moon you would start on day one of the seed cycle.


Try this sesame seed recipe on the second half of your cycle.

You can watch my segment I did discussing “Seed Cycling 101” on my local ABC affiliate WJLA.

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