Stay Corona Virus Safe

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Let’s stay healthy and not stress about susceptibility.

Here are some of the things that I’m doing to stay healthy and lessen the likelihood that I could become susceptible to the Corona Virus. I want this to be a message of positivity and hope… there will be no fear mongering here.

I have referenced and sought out my research loving friends in the medical community, as well as, my physician and nursing friends. I sought their advice, really trying to collaboratively talk to them and figure out what we can do for greater protection.

There is a lot that we can do right now to help our bodies.

Options to Help Stay Corona Virus Safe:

  1. Sleep: it is not a sexy topic but when your body gets sleep it functions properly. Aim for 7-8hrs in a cold dark room. Remember we want all bodily systems working optimally if we were to come in contact with a virus. Tip: get off your electronics 60-90 mins before bed. If this isn’t possible try a pair of blue-light blocking glasses.
  2. Hydration: drink half your body weight in ounces a day. This doesn’t have to be strict water. Your hydration can come from things like bone broth and herbal teas. Coconut Water and electrolyte products are also great. I’m currently drinking Elemental Labs. Most of us don’t get enough sodium and magnesium in our diets. Adding this type of a product can really help. Please keep in mind, caffeinated and alcoholic drinks increase dehydration and can’t be counted towards your hydration goals. Sorry.
  3. WASH YOUR HANDS: you can not wash your hands enough! Be diligent about getting warm water running, lather up your soap and take your time washing every surface of your hands.   Opportunistic pathogens will make their way into the body through tiny cracks in the epidermis. Try using My Doctor Suggests silver hand cream to keep your hands moisturized after washing. This is a naturally anti-microbial silver product.
  4. Keep your nasal passages hydrated: when you do this it helps to flush out some of the bad bugs. Keeping areas like the nose hydrated is essential. Use a saline nasal spray, or neti-pot to help achieve this. Irrigate your nose often.
  5. Think about immunity boosting foods: any fruits and vegetables (naturally) brightly pigmented is an immunity boosting food. Think about tricolor bell peppers. Bell peppers are actually the most Vitamin C rich vegetable. You can also eat pomegranates and dark leafy greens. Say no to the sugary processed foods. Incorporate healthy fats like avocado, coconut oil, ghee, etc. these are going to help support your body and help keep you satiated. Bad bugs (bacterias and viruses) enjoy simple carbs as a food source. Let’s not give them any extra.
  6. Supplements: the most important supplements that you can take right now are Vitamin D3, Vitamin A, liposomal Vitamin C, and lacto & bifido strains of a good probiotic. These are essential for a healthy gut and boosting immunity.
  7. Additional Supplements: These are some suggestions for people who want to take things one step farther, try a silver spray like Silvercillin, anti-microbial silver cream, or a pill like Orthomolecular Viracid. Elderberry Syrup or Elderberry in capsule form, are great immunity boosters and this option is especially good during travel.

Watch The Video


For more information on the beneficial uses of Silver, you can listen to this podcast episode with Dr. Gordon Pederson HERE

Complete list of supplements and items featured in the video:

Uvex blue light blocking glasses

Kettle and Fire bone broth

Coconut Water

Elemental Labs

My Doctor Suggests silver hand cream

My Doctor Suggests silver lozenges

AYR Saline nasal spray

Neti pot

Designs for Health Vitamin D3

Orthomolecular probiotic: lacto/bifido strains

Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal Vitamin C

Designs for Health Silvercillin spray

Gaia Black Elderberry capsules

Orthomolecular Viracid

*please note, some of these supplements may only be available through a provider

Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer:

right click to download this graphic
right click to download this graphic

*if you can’t find rubbing alcohol you can substitute 2 tblspn of Witch Hazel.

Mix all ingredients well and put in a small container.

This should be effective to help kill bugs on your hands. Please remember this should only be an option for you if you can’t wash your hands. The CDC recommends that your first line of defense is washing your hands with soap and water.

Final Note:

If you are sick do not do these things in lieu of seeking medical care. If you suspect you’ve had an exposure and you aren’t feeling well, get to your medical provider. Get tested. Be smart. Don’t be fearful.