Staying Sane: Rituals and Routines

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The real reason I’m writing this blog post is not to harp on our circumstances but to bring to light our possibilities.

Staying Sane: Rituals and Routines

I’ve felt a little crazy on some days, completely under control on others and just plain emotional on occasion. Staying sane while facing new challenges like working from home, distance learning/teaching our children, prioritizing my business, sharing spaces with 0 break, and making important decisions; it’s tough!

My first defense are my non-negotiables. My rituals that are essential on a daily basis are exercise, quality sleep, intermittent fasting, walks with the dogs and kids. Our routine is something very similar to what I shared in my last blog post “My New Normal.”

My mind has appreciated the additional time to get to the cleaning and organizing I normally can’t get to. That supply closet that was supposed to be for winter gear, that became overrun with miscellanea … I finally organized it. The pantry that was a scary hodge-podge… it finally got a good once-over.

Online shopping, what can I say, it’s been a life-saver. I’m trying to keep our stock up with the snacks and easy-to-make meals my family can grab and go.

The thing is, these “things” are actually privileges. I am lucky enough to have all of these blessings in my life to care for. This isn’t some type of punishment from the universe. It’s a great time to feel our blessings and embrace a changing situation. I believe when we mentally embrace change from the norm, we are at our best for staying sane.

This particular time of year might be different for you and might be bringing up a myriad of feelings. I am embracing the continuity of normal rituals as much as possible. Dressing up for Easter service, attending church online, having the Easter bunny hop on by… these are ways we honor our traditions even if the situation isn’t the same as it normally is. I think it’s important for our children, and even for ourselves, to keep as many simple joys alive!

  • We do still have joy
  • We do still have love
  • We do still have creativity and imagination
  • We do still have gratitude

The list can go on and on. It’s truly a frame of mind to appreciate everything we DO have.

But there are even more rituals that can be embraced while letting go of the things that don’t serve us.

Some ideas might be “spring breaking” at home, camping in the backyard, going for neighborhood walks and waving to your neighbors, inviting family members to video chats, and making those phone calls when you miss your friends. I also like the routine of setting the alarm and getting up and getting after your list. The earlier you finish the must-do items, the faster you can get to the fun things… like binge watching “Big Little Lies.”

Try not to eliminate the ritual from your life entirely. Get creative on new ways to enjoy and create.

If you don’t feel motivated to do some of your norm, I.e. workouts and intermittent fasting…. maybe you can give yourself some grace and create a solution that doesn’t feel too rigid.

I hope this helps you to gain some sanity. Please know this is a no judgment zone. I am not, nor will I be judging you for how you cope with quarantine.

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay sane. We are all in this together.