The Power of Health and Resilience: My Journey of Triumph

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Today is a really important day and the closure of a circle in my life.

3 years ago today, I developed the worst abdominal pain I had ever experienced that prompted me to go to the emergency room.

I learned that I had a ruptured appendix, pancolitis, and was too sick for surgery.

Thus began a 13-day hospitalization fraught with a series of complications, including a small bowel obstruction, peritoneal abscesses and a fistula.

I nearly died, but here are the things I learned through this experience:

#1 God or the Universe has a plan

On day #5, I felt the presence of God or a higher spirit. He came to me asking what outcome I wanted….did I want to live, or did I want the pain and discomfort to end? 

I decided to LIVE and for the rest of my life, I have NO fear. I have the reassurances that all will be ok….despite challenges, adversity, etc…

#2 Adversity becomes opportunity if you lean into it

I had already accepted a 2nd TEDx talk. I missed every deadline for the organizers, but part of my mental recovery was on honoring this commitment; a viral talk became an opportunity to encourage others to lean into a strategy to take better care of their health; emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

#3 Your key priority is the only focus

My family. Without question. No excuses. My husband and my boys. Everything else is secondary or removed.

#4 Health truly is wealth 

Had I not been as healthy as I was, I would NOT have had the same outcome. This is confirmed by multiple healthcare professionals… The investment I had been making throughout my lifetime literally helped SAVE my life.

Health is currency that can change outcomes. Never underestimate it.

#5 Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes.

 Going through the trauma of 13-days of hospitalization forced me to deal with some even bigger “demons”… My traumatic childhood. Rampant alcoholism, physical abuse, and emotional abuse.

My health literally saved my life and I’m so grateful for all I’ve learned through this journey of self-discovery these past three years.