What I Eat In A Day

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How do I eat? As someone who has spent the better part of her adult life in a medical profession, and now the health and wellness industry, my choices have been cultivated by my experiences, education, and my personal health challenges.

I follow my version of a paleo approach to eating. I tend to prioritize quality protein, moderate healthy fat and lots of varied vegetables and fruits. I love to go out to dinner and explore new foods. Traveling to Spain has made me fall in love with coastal Spanish cuisine. Ingredients in my food must be high quality. I read labels like an FBI detective. Quality is truly the name of my game. I say NO to processed oils, gluten and dairy ALWAYS. I will allow beans/legumes on occasion which differentiates from a typical paleo diet. I am strict about including intermittent fasting in my routine as well.

What I eat in a day

Upon Waking:

I hydrate with filtered water, take my supplements and get to work!


Head to the gym 3x/week where I do heavy lifting. I might take a Solidcore class, continue to hydrate with waters and teas.

Breaking my fast:

The time I break my fast typically happens around noon but varies based on my day. Sometimes it’s earlier, sometimes it’s later. I will beak my fast with something easy to throw together because I’m typically juggling client calls, business details and other work-at-home-mom life tasks. I am fortunate enough to have a husband who will help batch cook proteins and veggies for the week. With our two growing boys we go through food quickly! My meals may not always be glamorous but they meet my nutritional goals.

Sample One:

Salad comprising of organic mixed greens, assorted chopped veggies, organic protein, avocado and vinaigrette salad dressing.

Sample Two:

cultured dairy-free yogurt, paleo granola, organic berries

**Please note that up until this point I am in a completely fasted state. I do not believe in “quasi-fasting” … this notion that you can consume up to 50 calories and still be fasted. Nor do I believe adding a bunch of fats to your morning coffee is considered “fasting.”

Meal Two:

I tend to not be a snacker and don’t recommend “snacking” to my clients. But if you need to eat something light or hearty (depending on your caloric needs) before your last meal of the day, I again would prioritize nutrient dense foods. Things like organic protein, healthy fat and cruciferous vegetables tend to be my go-to’s.

Sample One:

Smoothie comprised of frozen organic berries, collagen protein peptides, almond milk, frozen banana and almond butter.

Sample Two:

Organic chicken tenders, green beans and a cucumber salad.

Meal Three:

Dinner time with my family can look like a myriad of things. I enjoy us all eating dinner together but some meals are spent on a pool deck (my teen and tween are both swimmers).

Sample One:

Spaghetti squash with ground beef bolognese

Sample Two:

Shrimp scampi over cauliflower rice and a generous serving of guacamole.

Sample Three:

Out to eat! When we go out to dinner, I choose an entree with clean ingredients that meets my needs of being dairy and gluten free.

In this picture I ate a grass-fed beef burger in a lettuce wrap with sweet potato hash and a kale salad.

This is a pretty honest sampling of,

What I Eat In a Day

I sincerely hope that you found this helpful! Continue to ask me questions and I will do my best to answer them. I know that there is a lot of conflicting information on the internet, but I know these things to be true. Your food source is important and eliminating processed foods is important. Start by doing your personal best to increase quality nutrition in little bits each day and soon enough you’ll forget you ever liked the junk!