Winning Combinations for Lasting Fat Loss

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I really feel dismayed when I do client calls and hear from well-intentioned women who are following “FITSPO” advice and have quit listening to their own bodies. In this age of Instagram “experts” it’s very challenging to get REAL advice that is applicable to where you are at in life. Read on to learn about ….

Winning Combinations for Lasting Fat Loss

  1. Intermittent Fasting

Yes, I am huge proponent for intermittent fasting for ladies and men 35-65 years young. Allowing your body to get into a “rest and digest” parasympathetic state is essential. Activating autophagy and cellular turn over is fantastic for longevity. Giving yourself at least 12 hours without food consumption does help get your body into “fat burning” mode. To read more about my philosophies regarding intermittent fasting start <<here>> and read my FAQ HERE.

2. Rest

You shouldn’t be working out strenuously 6 days/week and working a full time job, and juggling kids, and a household. It’s too much! There I said it. Our modern schedules are tough and when we sit all day and try to combat that with mega-intense workouts we are setting our bodies up for failure, not success. Get honest with yourself and your schedule. Prioritize rest days and recovery days.

3. Whole Food Nutrition

In this blog post I will not be determining which calorie and macro combinations are correct for you, however I will tell you that most of you are relying too heavily on supplementation. Protein powders, meal replacement bars, pre-workouts, post-workouts, espresso shots for performance, BCAA drinks, etc aren’t necessary. Read that again, THEY AREN’T NECESSARY. If you are practicing intermittent fasting, then I would focus on 3 real meals that include protein, fat and carbohydrates. These should be organic if your budget allows. My typical meal consists of organic free-range chicken/beef, vegetables and EVOO or avocado.

4. Sleep

Please make a bedtime routine and quality sleep a priority. Exhausted adults who barely function in society are not doing anybody any favors. 7-8 hours a night is essential. Make your room cold and dark, and turn off the electronics. Phones should be set to airplane mode and TVs can be unplugged. Most of my clients use a transdermal magnesium spray at night as well. You can purchase my favorite one <<HERE>>.

5. Be Kind

How mean are you to your body? Stop punishing your body with the negative self-talk, grueling exercise plans and starvation mode style of eating. Start nourishing your body. Honor mind, body, and spirit with gentle every day activity, meditation and self-love mantras that make you feel powerful and strong. My course “Find Your Inner Goddess” is less about restriction and more about honoring our intuitive natures.


It’s easy for me to write all of this out and much harder to actually implement. I’ve been really listening to what my lovely followers and clients are saying and that’s why I have opened up two opportunities to work with me and implement these exact strategies. The first new group is Intermittent Fasting: Challenge 60. In this group we will spend 60 days together dedicated to making intermittent fasting a priority in our lives. We will have 7 group LIVE calls and 5 opportunities to unlock participation “badges.” Our time together will culminate with the chance to win over $200 in prizes. We start on June 24th.LEARN MORE HERE

We also have a 21 day sugar detox and self-love program titled Find Your Inner Goddess. This course will start on July 8th. Both of these programs are ran online within closed Facebook groups. To get the best of both worlds we have bundled the two programs together. You can enroll in BOTH and save $50. The content does not overlap, however it is complimentary. I think you are going to love these and are going to make real, lasting changes.

It would be my pleasure to have you with us. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!