Ep. 148 – How Much Difference Does Salt Intake Make? Real Salt Nutrition & Fasting with Darryl Bosshardt

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Ep. 148 – How Much Difference Does Salt Intake Make? Real Salt Nutrition & Fasting with Darryl Bosshardt

I am excited to connect with Darryl Bosshardt today! Darryl is passionate about healthily living, healthy eating, and life-long learning. He grew up working for the family mineral business in Redmond, Utah. Then he earned a Bachelor of Science degree at Southern Utah University, followed by an MBA at Western Governors University. Darryl oversees the salt company, Redmond.

Salt is one of the most misunderstood minerals on Earth. For thousands of years, it has sustained life and provided a source of trade. It even got used as currency. However, over the last century, salt has become known to many as a dangerous chemical that should be avoided at all costs. Things are changing, though. Currently, research is returning salt to its place of necessity for human health because without salt, everything dies. Be sure to join us today, to hear Darryl’s story, discover the misconceptions around sea salt, and find out about the vital role that salt plays in our lives. 

“Our bodies are a saline solution in motion.”

Darryl Bosshardt


  • Darryl explains where salt comes from.
  • How Darryl and his family got into the salt business.
  • Darryl explains why salt is not bad for us and unpacks its benefits.
  • How sea salt differs chemically from the iodized salt used in processed foods.
  • Darryl discusses the unique flavors of various natural salts and explains how to know if you’re buying a high-quality product.
  • The truth about salt substitutes.
  • Darryl shares his thoughts on magnesium supplementation.
  • We need to remain connected to how we respond to dehydration.
  • Adding electrolytes to your water can make a big difference to how you feel.
  • The importance of getting enough salt when fasting intermittently.
  • The role salt plays in our bodies.
  • Redmond Salt is now producing Relyte, a flavored electrolyte product. 


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