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Episode 45: Quit This. Start Winning

In this episode, we are joined by Lynn Marie Morski. Lynn Marie is a physician, attorney, law professor, and lifelong quitter. She has carved out a successful path by not only knowing when to persevere and when to quit, but more importantly, how to learn from the situations in which quitting was the best option. She shares why quitting strategically is so important and gives us tips for how to quit for a better life. You can find out more about Lynn here:

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Episode 43: The Other Side of the Hospital Bed

In this episode, Cynthia talks about her long hospital stay and how her gut health helped her to have a positive outcome. We also talk about the things she’ll be doing (that we can all learn from!) to restore the health of her gut after taking very strong antibiotics. We’re so glad she’s back! Thanks for listening! Please subscribe and leave us a rating/review. We appreciate it. Find out more about Cynthia at and find out more about Kelly at

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Episode 41: The Latest and Greatest from Us!

In this episode, we share details about our programs. Cynthia’s newest offering is Wholistic Abundance which is a membership community that offers a monthly blueprint for hormonal health. Learn more here: Kelly’s current offering is the Health Gains Weight Loss Program. It is a 6-week online educational and coaching program designed to help participants improve their health and lose weight. Learn more here:

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