Ep. 281 The Power of Alpha GPC: Boosting Cognitive Health and Performance with Scott Emmens

I am thrilled to announce a monumental milestone in our podcast journey! At the time of this recording, our latest podcast reached an astounding 4 million downloads! With continued support and enthusiasm from our dedicated listeners, we hope to surpass 6 million downloads by the end of this year!
Today, I am delighted to dive into an intriguing topic as we explore the latest collaboration between MD Logic Health and myself. Joining me on the podcast is Scott Emmons, the esteemed COO of MD Logic Health and a fellow health entrepreneur.
For this episode, our focus centers on Alpha GPC, a groundbreaking cobranded supplement that will redefine the landscape of brain health, exercise performance, and neuroprotection. This remarkable supplement will captivate your attention as we explore its multifaceted benefits and synergistic mechanisms alongside creatine monohydrate. Acting as a precursor to acetylcholine, Alpha GPC plays a pivotal role in cognition, learning, memory, and attention, with the ability to traverse the formidable blood-brain barrier.
Brace yourself for an in-depth discussion on the cutting-edge research surrounding these mechanisms and their profound implications. Mark your calendar, as Alpha GPC will be launched in July 2023, accompanied by exclusive pre-sale incentives you will not want to miss!