Ep. 234 Metabolic Longevity and Vitamin E with Dr. Barrie Tan

I am honored to connect with Dr. Barrie Tan today! Dr. Tan has a PH.D. in biochemistry. He is a vitamin E expert focusing on lipid-soluble nutrients that impact chronic disease.

Dr. Tan was trained as a chemist and a biochemist. His interest in keeping fat stable led to his discovery of annatto, which led to him becoming an expert in vitamin E. In this episode, we dive into vitamin E and its role in the antioxidant protection of lipids and fats. We talk about Dr. Barrie’s discovery of annatto, discuss tocotrienols, and get into their impact on cholesterol, metabolic and bone health, and cancer. We also briefly discuss GG (geranylgeraniol).

My discussion with Dr. Tan has changed my entire perspective on the metabolic and bone health needs relevant to this specific variant of vitamin E! I hope that you will love it as much as I did! Stay tuned for more!